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Redskins’ Griffin III not at Rookie Camp

By Steve Kish

The stand out Heisman winning Baylor quarterback and second overall pick in this year’s NFL draft has not been to the first two days of Redskins five day rookie camp.

Signing rookies was supposed to be easier with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement the NFL and Union agreed to last year. Griffin III is due a four year contract worth $21 million and almost two thirds of that made up of signing bonus, for being the second overall pick.

This should be easy: Sign the contract and get on the field, right? Well now we have the language of the contract issue. Each side has different ideas on how the guaranteed money should be written out in the contract. Griffin III’s representation wants to make sure he gets as much guaranteed money in the case of Griffin III being waived before the end of the contract.

Griffin III wants to be paid. We get that, but does his representation honestly believe the redskins who gave up the three first round picks and a second round pick for the rights to pick 2nd would cut loose RG3 that easily? This sounds like a bad marriage from the beginning. Play well and the huge contract will come, that goes for all players at all positions.

Griffin III can and should be a game changer, like Cam Newton was to the Panthers last season. Every day Griffin III isn’t signed he is losing opportunities to learn the offense and how to read opposing defenses. These are essential  fundamentals needed to be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

Washington needs a breakthrough season, Mike Shanahan needs a breakthrough season. Heading into his third season at the helm of Hog Nation Shanahan has failed to deliver. He and the Redskins are banking on RG3 being the answer, the missing piece. They saw what Newton did last year and are hoping for similar results from their first round draft pick.