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Sedrew Price back by ‘Popular Demand’

By Kelly J Newson

Sedrew Price has returned and is back by ‘Popular Demand,’ breathing a new life into Hip Hop all while representing his hometown, Las Vegas. From the first track of the mixtape, you can expect Sedrew Price to get the party jumping with ‘You in LV,’ a party anthem type track. For the remainder of the mixtape, you’ll still find yourself vibing to this masterpiece. Sedrew Price brings that natural and realness that Hip Hop is missing. ‘Popular Demand’ is truly a demand every hip hop fan should have and would mesh well with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. Sedrew Price serves up some of the realist lyrics, and his vocals make you pay attention to what he is saying and will leave you wanting more when ‘Popular Demand’ comes to an end. Here’s a complete track list for ‘Popular Demand’:

1. You in LV
2. Contraband
3. Ace
4. Passion of Christ
5. Junkie
6. The Blvd
7. Killing King Fear