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Adele is pregnant with Simnon Konecki’s child

By Albert Angulo

Yes, as we all know our new most beloved singer and new revelation Adele has officially announced her pregnancy, and obviously, a new baby on the way is always happy news, right? But in a very fan-selfish thought, I asked myself, “OMG, is she going to be able to write so deeply, hurt, suicidal-type songs anymore? Hmm, I wonder if this joyful phase of her life will prevent her from coming out with the formula that made her famous?” But then I immediately answered myself: When you are such a talented human being like Adele, you can write about a rock and make it into a beautiful song, so I am sure we fans will be more than fine.

There was also another question in my mind. We have never seen Adele with a boyfriend, so who is the father of her child? It turns out that she has been dating Simon Konecki. The couple was first photographed together in January 2012, when Adele revealed that she was dating him. Konecki is a former investment banker and CEO of Drop 4 Drop charity. He also has accompanied Adele to the Grammy Awards show.

In latest interviews, Adele has said that Konecki is “wonderful. He’s proud of me, but he don’t care about what I do or what other people think.” I guess there is nothing else to say about it except congratulations Adele and Simon, and we hope for another great hit song pretty soon.

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