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Should President Obama apologize?

By Kelly J Newson

It’s absolutely amazing how Romney’s campaign could call foul over President Obama’s statement on Romney outsourcing jobs while at Bain. Isn’t President Obama just stating the facts? Didn’t the GOP do the same thing against John Kerry when he ran for the White House? They attacked him with the swift boat ads. Seems like the GOP are getting a taste of their own medicine and hate it. They pressured President Obama to release his full birth certificate, but where’s the pressure for Romney to release his full tax returns? What could Romney be hiding?

So no, President Obama shouldn’t apologize and Romney, and his campaign should just keep quiet and launch a counterattack ad as many voters expect. Trump, the birthers or tea party members haven’t apologized to President Obama on their wild accusations. This is just another round of politicians playing politics in an election year. Both the democrats and GOP are guilty of this, and this 2012 election year is no different. Both parties twist up the other’s words. The GOP welcomed this when they fought for and got super pacs. Now, the democrats are making use of it and are attacking back. While Romney and his campaign cry foul, it’s the same game each election year. Right now, Romney and his campaign are complaining. It’ll continue see-sawing until November. Then it will start over again for the next elections. Why can’t the democrats and GOP work together for the sake of the American people once and for all? I guess that’s just asking too much, and it’ll always be politics over the American people and what they need.