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HBO’s Newsroom Review: No apology to the extreme right

By James Turnage

I Just finished watching the “Newsroom.” I am well aware that FOX “news” and our resident radio extremist and drug addict will call this a liberal form of propaganda. What it is, is the truth. There is no liberal media that has an audience as large as FOX. That is because their audience wants to be told what to think. The truth is not what their audience wants to hear.

The truth about what Mr. Obama has done in his first term has been reported with intentional lies and half truths. Ignorant individuals such as Palin, Bachmann, Beck and Limbaugh have reported falsehoods. Their only purpose is to promote their own fame and fortune.

I am not a democrat, and I am definitely not a republican, at least in this time and what they don’t stand for. I believe in telling the truth.

The extreme side of the right wing continues to spread falsehoods. They have one agenda: to destroy our country and create a new country that banishes freedoms. They want to put an end to religious freedom, to freedom of speech and freedom of sexual preference. They would establish a country that protects wealthy, white Christians as the sole ruling party of our country.

The majority of citizens in our country have suffered enough. A slogan by an extremist group is right, “it’s time to take back our country.” But it’s not what they mean. We, the people, need representation in our government. We must cast our vote for those who represent the majority of Americans, not the two percent. They have the money, but if we are united, we still have the power.

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