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Taylor Swift Spotted With Patrick Schwarzenegger: He’s out of her league

By DiMarkco Chandler

Patrick Schwarzenegger, the 18-year-old son of actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and author/journalist, Maria Shriver, appears to have a crush on Grammy Award Winner Taylor Swift. The two were spotted strolling along the beach on Independence Day. Sources say the two were getting friendly with each other over the Fourth of July holiday.

This was not the first time Swift has interacted with the Kennedy clan. Fox411 reported that in January, Swift “hung with numerous members of the famous family at a premiere of Rory Kennedy’s HBO documentary, “Ethel” – about Kennedy’s mom Ethel Skakel Kennedy – at the Sundance Film Festival this year.” At the time Foxnew.com reported Swift as saying, “The only time in my life I have ever been star struck was meeting Caroline and Ethel Kennedy.”

TMZ reports that it is “unclear if the two are officially dating – but Taylor seems to have a thing for famous dudes.”

On look and comparison of Schwarzenegger’s resume with Swifts reveals a huge disparity between their accomplishments. For instance, Schwarzenegger’s Wikipedia.com is almost completely bare, highlighting only his nonprofit clothing line and merely a couple of other minor accolades. On the other hand, Swift, whose career started six years ago, has a Wikipedia replete with and encyclopedia of accomplishments, including 109 awards from a total of 162 nominations.

The young Schwarzenegger is much out of his league with Swift; nevertheless, a gulf this large might not stop the two from dating in the near future. My advice is? Keep your eyes on these two.