Tebowmania Hits NYC

By Steve Kish

The other day an NYC news anchor was conducting an interview with
Mark Sanchez, the only problem with her questions, she called him
“Tim.” Welcome to NYC Mark, err Tim. The Tebow hype machine has begun,
Sanchez is on the clock.

With the Jets bringing in Tebowmania this offseason Sanchez will be
looking over his back if he has a bad stretch this season. We all know
the amazing story of Tebow last year. The victories, the comebacks,
the “Tebow effect”. Tim Tebow is a polarizing person on and off the
field. Most NFL players go to exotic locations for vacation, another
group likes to get in the headlines for having a mugshot taken. What
does Tebow do? He talks about his faith, he does missionary work, he
does the unusual for a professional athlete. His on the field
accomplishments are impressive from a win total standpoint, whereas
his actual statistics are below average. Yet when he was traded to the
Jets the noise of Tebow replacing Sanchez in a blink of the eye was
heard on everywhere radio station and television newscast.

Tebow brings with him that will to win, something Sanchez has yet to
show in college or the NFL. Sanchez in three seasons at the helm is
only 28-20 not the winning percentage you want for the fifth overall
draft selection. Tebow is only 8-6 in his fourteen NFL starts, but
those 8 wins, were they ever exciting. You could see Tebow getting
pumped, you could see something change in him in the fourth quarter.
That will to win is infectious, when he believed you can see his
teammates believe. Tebow is a leader, other than accuracy a
quarterback’s best attribute is being a leader. Taking the field with
those ten other men and being able to convince them to believe they
can beat the other 11 players across from them.

The Tebow/Sanchez storyline will control most of the NYC media and
other main NFL forums this season. It has to, it’s thee story behind
Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos. Even Manning’s storyline will
include Tebow. I can see it now the highlights will flip back and
forth between what Manning does on a Sunday afternoon to what Tebow
did. It’s how it will work and Sanchez will be pushed back in the
media coverage more and more as Tebow runs over a defender, completes
a touchdown pass. The media needs a polarizing individual to drive the
ratings. That person is not Mark Sanchez, Tebow blows him out of the
water in popularity. Sanchez must perform at his highest level to keep
Tebowmania under wraps.

This season will be the toughest for Mark Sanchez of his career.
Tebowmania looms over this upcoming NFL season. His critics are
looking for anything to tear him down. His fans and supporters will
praise him to the ends of the earth, Tebow is untouchable in their
eyes. Let’s brace for Tebowmania it’s coming, it will be relentless,
it will be out of control, now can Sanchez not get knocked out by it.

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