“The Dark Knight Rises'” teaches the audience a lesson about one’s spirit

By Justine Espersen

It started with the discovery of oneself in revenge, then to the gravity of madness, and now, completing the trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises” helps bring the epic to rising from a loss of hope.

Yes, the film was beautiful in its theatrics, stunts and music, which make the audience appreciate it all the more. However, perhaps “The Dark Knight Rises” isn’t as much of a spectacular eyesight bender as it is a lesson about one’s pride and infatuation with material possessions.

Set eight years after Harvey Dent’s death (played by Aaron Eckhart in the previous movie, “The Dark Knight”), Batman, played by Christian Bale, is given an option to “rise from the abyss” or to stay in his stained reputation as the murderer of Dent.

Bane, masked as Tom Hardy, helps torment and tempts Batman to give in to the odds and merely surrender. Bane brings man’s hubris out, making it tangible to the people of Gotham City. He makes the people aware of the corrupt and prideful nature of mankind, displayed in a time of fear where hope is a lost emotion. He brings the prisoners above ground while keeping the law officials under.

However, Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, both discourages and encourages Batman to press on. She doesn’t as much steal the show as she helps balance it. Her pure desire is to obtain an escape route to start fresh. She is in constant conflicts with her struggle to be the better person so much that she can longer find herself. Perhaps Catwoman is a representation of the average citizen: someone living in her own pride.

Whatever the case may be, the movie both begins and ends mourning a death. The beginning features the pride of Harvey Dent; however, the end is yet to be discovered.

Breaking News: 14 Dead 50 injured including a 3 month little girl at “The Dark Knight Rises” midnight show in Aurora, Colorado. Click the following link to see live coverage: Aurora Massacre.

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