Tiger Woods finishes a disappointing third in the 2012 British Open

By Kelly J. Newson:

Another Major championship has escaped Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods seemed to be on par late into round 3 and to be a contender in round 4. Though, his last shots in round 3 knocked him out of the final group for round 4 of the 2012 British Open but Tiger still looked good going into round 4 as he started in third place. However, it was at hole 6 where he hit a triple bogey knocking him down to 3 under. From there Tiger never fully recovered even hitting three bogey’s in row on holes 13, 14 and 15. Though, Tiger hit a birdie on 18 it wasn’t enough to win the British Open. Tiger finished 3 under and in stunning fashion Ernie Els beat out Adam Scott for the British Open championship. Ernie Els finished 7 under as Adam Scott collapsed in the final round finishing 6 under par.

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