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“True blood” Lafayette, Sookie, Tara plots revealed

By DiMarkco Chandler

This week’s “True Blood” episode will have everything a vampire groupie could want: plenty of sex, plenty of blood and, it appears from the new teaser, a turn in the spellbinding plot.

Footage of the trailer has been included here for the diehard fan that just can’t get enough “True Blood”

The Miami Herald is reporting that “Footage was shown at Comic-Con International of upcoming episodes of [the hit cable series]. The Herald went on to say that the edited footage revealed a scene where Lafayette was channeling spirits, Sookie trying to get Bill out of her mind and Tara as a burlesque dancer.

The cast was gathered today in Ballroom 20 at Comic-Con flossing around in stripper clothing and mingling throughout the room. The cast was questioned about the direction of the shows plot, however most of the members of the cast were reticent on the subject. Hollywood Reporter, in there article titled “Comic-Conm 2012:” pointed out that the show’s show-runner Alan Ball mentioned that “True Blood” will have three new romances this season.

Not much else was learned about the shows direction, however, the new “True Blood” video trailer does offer much for the imagination to digest.

If you can believe what you’re seeing and read between the lines, it looks as though this week’s episode is loaded with action, sex, and plenty of gushing vampire thirst quenching.

Oh, almost forgot, Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) has some hot uncut sex scenes packed with a lot of bit.

If you didn’t attend Comic-Con, this video is an adequate consolation.

Here some advice; watch the trailer TWICE!