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Why Dwight Howard Needs Brooklyn

By Steve Kish
Every day, you hear a different place Dwight Howard is going or who is
trading for him. As we all take in and watch what will unfold, let us
step back and ask why he wants Brooklyn. The woeful Nets, of all
franchises, before the acquisition of Joe Johnson.

As we have learned, Dwight is still a little insecure. Why else would he demand a trade then back off of it? Give a list of teams and then knock them off one by one? He needs to feel wanted, wanted more then just by the Magic, he has a HUGE Shaq complex. Yes he plays it off, but Superman vs. Superman in their prime? I think we all know who wins that match up.  Following Shaq leaving in free agency isn’t what he wants, and following Shaq to the Lakers? Please let Lex Luthor put him out of his misery. Dwight NEEDS Brooklyn to secure his independence from the original Superman.

The first home game at the brand new Barclays Center, the announcer screaming at point guard Deron Williams, at shooting guard Joe Johnsonnnn, and the man in the middle number 12, Superman defender of Metropolis (you know he is going to say it at least once) Dwight Howard.  Talk about branding, wow, you can’t get much better then a Superman symbol faded behind the new loge of the Nets on a t-shirt. Those would fly out of the merchandise stands.

Dwight needs Williams and Johnson, no big man can dominate to a championship, since Wilt. Look at Shaq, he had Kobe and Dwade, Hakeem, he had shooters galore in Clutch City. David Robinson and Tim Duncan, well they had each other for a bit the Duncan had Parker and Ginobili. It goes on and on, I great big man is great but it’s only a piece. A big man, a dominate Dwight Howard type big man will open open shooters like Johnson, and Williams. In turn Johnson and Williams hitting open shots lets Dwight have one on one matchups down low.

It’s obvious the marketing opportunities he will receive in Brooklyn. The money aspect of this is a no brainer. We all saw the graphs when Lebron made “The Decision”. How much advertising dollars he lost in not choosing the Knicks. This move for wanting to go to the Nets is as much a basketball move as a advertising and branding move. Wait, no I take that back, it’s more of a advertising and branding move then a basketball move.If Deron Williams says his advertising income
ballooned when he got to the Nets imagine Dwight’s piece of the pie.

The Brooklyn Nets is a place Dwight can start over, hide even for a bit under the radar, while making huge advertising deals. Yes, as hard as that sounds to do in NYC he could with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson there. More importantly, he can get out from under the Shaq shadow, grow as a teammate and grow as a player. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson can help him in all these areas. I can’t wait to see the ticker say Dwight traded to the Houston Rockets and hear all the analyst say how this is a great move. It won’t be, it can’t be, Brooklyn is the only perfect spot for Dwight to move on and save Metropolis and himself.