Why Stop at the Second Amendment?

Trading “We the People” for “We the Government”

By Bridgette Bryant:

I am sick of being look down on! We are the greatest country ever in existence. Only Rome came as close and because of the same foolishness we are repeating today, they lost their empire. Why haven’t we looked at their example and learned from their mistakes? Why are we sitting back and allowing history to repeat itself in our land?
The tumultuous times make it blatantly obvious that we have gone quite far down a wrong path.

When we started going astray can be debated but, politically, no fingers can be pointed to the left nor to the right. The blame falls to both sides but rests solely on the shoulders of “we the people”.

It is “we” who have not fought for our rights and demanded our freedoms.

We were handed the strongest, most perfect union that has ever been created and we have begun to lose it based solely upon our unwillingness to stand up and fight for it.
Benjamin Franklin said it himself after the Constitutional Convention when a woman from the crowd asked him what they had given us. He said, “A Republic, ma’am. If you can keep it.”

He and the other men who knew what bad government felt like sought to create something original, powerful, and sustainable. And they did. They made us a perfect, beautiful present that could grow as big as it wanted to. It is us who are letting them down.

If we step back and look at the truth, it is clear that we all want the same things:
· A roof over our head

· A happy life

· And someone to share it with

When you boil it down, that’s it. So why are we fighting? Why are we lifting up walls of difference that are not nearly as relevant as our chains of commonality? Most importantly, why are we allowing these immaterial differences to distract us from what’s really going on?

We are fighting because we have given ourselves over to wrong thinking.

It is wrong thinking that keeps people fighting over social issues. When it comes to gay rights, abortion, and every other personal choice under the sun, the answer remains the same; man’s choices are a decision that belong between him and God. In government, these issues should never be discussed or addressed in anyway. Our Constitution makes this clear and if we had stuck to it, they could have spent more time monitoring their spending, teaching our workforces, and advancing us beyond other nations technologically instead of monitoring people’s personal lives and losing a grip on our prosperity.

It is wrong thinking that we should sit back and allow our federal government to remove freedoms from us one at a time. We must wise up to fact that the “powers that be” are only easing us into some larger scheme of being. A few years ago it was electronic money (remember when people laughed at having debit cards and swore they would not trust them? Now, how many people ever carry cash on them?). Then it was cameras on every corner (remember the outrage that came out? What happened to it? Now we’re okay with having GPS tracking devices with us wherever we go). A few weeks back it was how much soda we could consume (a grave distraction from the big-picture issues) and now we’re being forced to purchase insurance we may or may not want, that we may or may not ever use, and even if we do use it, we may or may not even get cured by it!

This has been said time and again so I won’t even waste words going into detail regarding the fact that we have to draw the line. But I will say this: as this great nation begins to sink, people will start to lose hope. Families will begin to deteriorate due to stress, children will be in constant turmoil, people will start killing themselves and their families because they cannot handle the pain, we will begin to lose the respect of other nations, and we will become a pawn for foreign nations whom we are in debt to and they will use as they see fit.

Unfortunately, darling, all of these things are in full swing.

It will not stop unless we do something about it. And I do not mean a traditional revolution. Revolting in anger will only make things worse. Revolting in anger will show us exactly how much power we have given over to the federal government as they hose us down and jail us for demanding our Constitutional Rights. The people have a right to protest. This was granted by our Founding Fathers and is a staple of our nation. But what happens to those who protest today? You’ve seen the recent images and wondered if it was a photo from overseas. No. It is in your own back yard. This is how far off the map we have allowed our nation to go.

We have allowed it and cannot be upset about anything that has happened in the past. We can, however, be upset about what happens today. We can, however, rise up as one, peaceful unit and demand the restoration of the Constitution that made us great. We can stand together to protect this freedom of ours with every ounce of passion and spirit within our bodies. Liberty is too precious a thing to be given away without a fight. It’s too precious. Please. Let’s fight for it together.

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