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Zimmerman Uses Fox and Hannity to raise money

By DiMarkco Chandler

Sean Hannity has secured an interview with George Zimmerman that will be aired tonight on Fox television.

In a video recorded preview, Hannity ask Zimmerman what would he like to tell the parents of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman starts off his answer by saying, “I would tell them that again I’m sorry, um I don’t have, my wife and I don’t have any children. I have nephews that I love more than life. I love them more than myself. And I know when they were born it was a different unique bond and love that I have with them. And I love my children even though they aren’t born yet. And I am sorry that they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must fell like and I pray for them daily.”

Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara will be another one of the guest on “Hannity” tonight. O’Mara will discuss rumors surrounding donations and more.

WOFL, a Fox-owned station, showed excepts of the of the interview and reporter Valerie Boey said that Zimmerman was talking because he needs donations for his legal defense fund.

It looks as though Zimmerman is using Hannity and Fox news to gain free advertising so that he can raise money.