Watch the Video: “Bath Salts” are not for Taking a Bath, and “Spice” is not a Potpourri.

From the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Reported by Jim Donahue

One week after a nationwide crackdown on synthetic drugs like “spice” and “bath salts,” the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has produced this new informational video on the topic of synthetic drugs.

Lt. Laz Chavez with the LVMPD Narcotics Bureau says the threat to the health and safety of the public is real. “These drugs are killing people,” he warns, “and the drug-users are putting the lives of others in danger, since a person on bath salts can exhibit bizarre and violent behavior far more severe than the effects of PCP.”

On July 25th, Las Vegas was among 109 U.S. cities targeted in a federal crackdown on the synthetic drug industry, during which 19 million packets of synthetic drugs were seized, and 90 individuals were arrested. Here is more information from the DEA:

The new LVMPD video provides a brief overview, with clear images of what these drug packets look like. Often, the packets have colorful labels with bogus disclaimers like “not for human consumption,” or harmless-sounding phrases like bath salts, potpourri and plant feeder.

As more of the synthetic compounds are being outlawed, the chemists and drug-dealers are continuously updating and re-engineering their products — and LVMPD narcotics detectives stepping up their efforts to stay ahead of this challenging threat to our community.

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