Big inconvenience at local Greyhound station

By Kelly J. Newson

Today at the Greyhound bus station in Las Vegas. A woman entered the Greyhound bus station with a knife in hand. According to a Greyhound employee she was told not to come back due to a recent incident. Yet she returned, passing passengers as they awaited their buses. It was after she passed passengers and entered the restroom that security followed her. The woman didn’t correspond with security, she instead took a few swipes at one of the security. After which she was peppersprayed and handcuffed.

Still the passengers awaiting their bus were met with the after effects of the pepperspray. Which spread quickly within the bus station. Causing many passengers to cough non-stop and head outside for air.

This nation has seen more than enough tragedies this year and one was stopped today. Though, couldn’t this of been avoided if bus and train stations had the same security provisions as our nation’s airports. At some bus and train stations people may walk into the station no questions asked and they may not be a passenger or someone waiting with a passenger.

Bus and train stations should have some if not all the security provisions as our nation’s airports. Today had no causulties or injuries and the suspect arrested. Still the question on many people mind’s, why was she even aloud on the premises and not stopped at the door?

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