James Turnage

I enjoy watching golf. The abuse I put my body through when I was much younger is getting its revenge by giving me constant pain in my knees and lower back. I’m not complaining, I deserve it, and I can deal with it. However, I am sorry I can’t play the game myself.

Tiger Woods, whether you love him or hate him, has had enormous success at this tournament. He has won it seven times, previously, but he won’t win his eighth this weekend.

His play this year is good, and sometimes, even great. The announcers talk too much about his swing, and his strategy. I suppose they have to, that’s what they’re getting paid for.

I have always loved watching Tiger play. He is the leader in the FedEx cup standings, so he’s doing okay. The only thing I see missing in his game is putting. He is leaving long putts a foot or less short of the hole too often, and has missed way too many of four feet or less.

If you play, or if you just watch golf, as I do, you know that tournaments are primarily won or lost on the greens. If it was decided on the distance one could hit a ball, Bubba Watson or Rory McIlroy would be winning. On one hole, each of them hit a drive of 400 yards. Instead, 40 year old Jim Furyk is running away from the rest.

Tiger doesn’t need me or any of the experts telling him what is wrong with his game. He understands what he needs to do. If he gets it all together, if can stroke fewer putts, the critics will have to find someone else to scrutinize, and the announcers will have to report what we are all seeing instead of giving us their opinions.


Sun Valley, Nevada

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