Business Magazine Reveals New iPhone Design & TV Remote Capability [+ Video]

If you want a reliable source for gathering information about the new iPhone expected to hit the stores by September 22, 2012, you couldn’t gamble any better than with Forbes. Recently their website reported that one of its writers received a visualization of the next iPhone (included at the bottom of this article). It came as a surprise to the recipient who said that Instead of receiving an image with the same screen size as the current iPhone, it was considerably slimmer. Forbes describes it as being taller and sleeker. But they also say something else that has come as an enormous surprise, especially to those of us that keep up with the latest news about the new iPhone.

First, the new iPhone looks kind of like an iPhone on it way to becoming a TV remote, which is an interesting association considering the news that Apple is rumored to be negotiating with the big cable companies about replacing their set-top boxes with next-generation Apple TV boxes.

Second, the combination of the thinness (and its commensurate lightness) and its tallness, make for a very sleek and elegant product. The Samsung Galaxy SIII (see video simulation below) looks positively barrel-like and cartoonish by comparison.

Third, the feeling of bezel is going away, making the whole face feel like a screen, a progression that each generation of iPhones has moved along.

So the question is not, “Will you buy it?” Of course, a record number of us will. People have been holding off on their iPhone purchases and now the demand is well pent up. The question is, “Will you love it?”

More details about the presumably imminent release of the next iPhone have emerged, if the typically anonymous spate of Internet sources are to be believed.

iMore, the first blog to publish reports that Apple plans to unveil its latest iteration of the smartphone on September 12, is now saying that pre-orders will begin that day and that the phone will be

released nine days later, on September 21.

Both reports from the blog cite “sources that have provided iMore with accurate iPhone related launch dates in the past.” Several other blogs later cited their own sources saying the September 12 date is likely correct.

International launches in Europe and elsewhere will begin the first week of October, iMore said, possibly October 5.

Apple, to date, has made no official announcement.

iPhone speculation has focused on a handful of expected new features, including a slightly larger screen, a smaller dock connector and NFC technology that would make it easier for shoppers to make payments through their phones.

Current iPhone owners seem convinced that a rollout is imminent.

Last week, Ebay reported that it was seeing a surge in the number of people using the site for trade-in offers on their smartphones.

The site’s “Instant Sale” feature, which offers a pre-determined amount for electronics based on what someone else has offered, saw its number of phone trade-in offers jump 70% between July 30 and August 1. That’s when the September 12 release-date rumors began circulating.

On Tuesday, a working, 32GB iPhone 3GS got an instant $91 offer; a 16GB iPhone 4 would bring in $176; and the top-end iPhone 4S, the 64GB model, would get $371.

Contributor: D. Chandler

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