DNA Mutations don’t result in cancer, but premature cell division does

The popular belief that “cancer originates due to DNA mutations” is wrong” according to Samil Ozavar, who is the President of GEMM Research Ltd. Malignant transformation actually takes place due to an excessive build up of ATP in the cell that force a premature and uncontrolled cell division. A structural damage to the mitochondrial membrane channels that regulate the ATP flow to the cytosol are responsible for the excessive energy build that may lead to the formation of a tumor. A medical device called the GEMM that has been developed and used by Seckiner Gorgun, MD for the treatment of cancer can selectively target the malfunctioning energy metabolism of malignant cells. GEMM Research Ltd is seeking scientific and industrial collaborations to enable the commercialization of this novel technology that has been effectively used to treat cancer patients who did not respond to conventional treatments.

President Richard Nixon declared the War on Cancer over 40 years. Since then over $200 billion was spent on cancer research. However over the last 40 years deaths due to cancer jumped from 17% to 23% and deaths per 100,000 people increased from 163 to 186 according to the National Cancer Institute. These figures demonstrate that no breakthrough treatments were developed over the last 40 years.

According to Dr. Seckiner Gorgun, the inventor of the GEMM Device the actual mechanism of cancer was completely misunderstood. It is a commonly held belief that “Cells become cancer cells because of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage”. Instead Dr. Gorgun hypothesized that cancer originates due to a malfunctioning energy metabolism that generates excessive amounts of Adenosine TriPhosphate that accumulate in the cell and force a premature cell division. To address this problem he invented the GEMM Device that can selectively deplete ATP in the cancer cells and force them to commit suicide (apoptosis) without harming the normal cells. Dr. Gorgun demonstrated the efficacy of his treatment technique in cell and animal models and alsosuccessfully treated numerous terminal cancer patients who did not respond to conventional treatments.

Dr. Gorgun passed away in 2008 and today his work is continued at GEMM Research Ltd founded by Samil Ozavar, who worked closely with Dr. Gorgun in the past. GEMM Research Ltd is seeking scientific and/or industrial partners further advance and commercialize its technology, which is explained in detail in this video. GEMM technology is based on the following hypothesis developed by Dr. Gorgun:

When the mitochondrial outer membrane glycoproteins called Voltage Dependent Anion Channels (VDAC) that are regulating the ATP flow out of the mitochondria are damaged and cannot be duly repaired, they constantly remain in an open position thus causing a continuous flow of ATP that may not be consumed in regular cellular activities. As the build up of the ATP may dramatically increase the cellular membrane potential and disrupt regular activities, the cell is forced to an uncontrolled cell division so that the excessive energy may be consumed in synthesizing new molecules. To address this problem, the GEMM Device generates modulated electromagnetic fields at a specific frequency and amplitude that selectively increase the glycosylation or the glycan side chains of the damaged VDAC of the cancer cells and block their operation. This intervention blocks the ATP release from the mitochondria to the cytosol and at a certain stage the cancer cell commits suicide (apoptosis) due to lack of adequate amount of energy required for its activities. The targeted intervention has no effect on the regular VDAC of the healthy cells so they continue operating normally.

The main hypothesis that the GEMM Device is based on has been documented in the research paper “Studies on the Interactions Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter Neoplastic Culture”.

Selectively targeting the malfunctioning energy mechanism of the tumor cells in cancer patients is a very complex process. The GEMM Device that was invented by Dr. Gorgun and being advanced by GEMM Research Ltd has the potential to provide a significant breakthrough in the “War against cancer”.

Institutions interested in collaborative research or development of the GEMM technology, or patients willing to get more information on this treatment option may contact GEMM Research Ltd for further information.

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