DECEMBER 21, 2012: The Legend of the Crystal Skulls [VIDEO]

Most people have heard about the legend of 13 Crystal Skulls but not many know about it exhaustively. In fact, the legend of crystal skulls is one of the very few legends that have transcended the boundaries of culture and have spanned over multiple ages. In present times, the crystal skull legend is shared by the Mayans, the Native Americans, the Aztecs and a few indigenous groups of people across the globe. This legend has also been recorded in Lemurian and Atlantean time. The legend of the crystal skull has been handed down generation after generation which is how one of the powerful legends of the world has lived on.

The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls

The legend of the crystal skulls has it that the skulls were kept in an Ark inside a pyramid. The Ark is considered to be a position and formation of extreme power. Cherokee Medicine Man, Harley Swift-Deer Reagan, who was a Native American, said that 12 crystal skulls were kept in a circle while the 13th skulls was the largest and kept in the middle of the circle. He said that the 12 skulls forming the circle were from 12 planets. The largest skull in the middle was the symbol of collective consciousness of the world. The largest skull represented an amalgamation of sacred knowledge from all the planets.

The legend further says that presently the skulls are scattered around the world mysteriously. There will come a day when all the skulls will reunite. Once all the 13 crystal skulls are realigned, the consciousness of the world will rise. This will awaken a new era and the old paradigm will give way to a new paradigm. A wonderful transformation will come about and the world will become a far better place to live in.

Elements of the 13 crystals skulls

As far as the basic elements of the 13 crystal skulls are concerned, it is believed that the skulls will reunite during a pivotal period of human history and give birth to a new age. A Pueblo Spiritual Advisor, Patricio Dominguez has said that the crystal skulls are depositories of knowledge and each skull contains a special branch of knowledge. So the skulls are just like living libraries. He further goes onto say that only some people will be able to ‘read’ the skulls and the ones who will, will be empowered with supreme knowledge once all the 13 skulls are assembled.

Mayans and the 13 crystal skulls

A lot of people believe that there is a strong connection between the legend of 13 crystal skulls and the Mayan calendar which ends in December, 2012. According to Mayans, the world will meet a catastrophic end in December 2012. However, the world can be saved from the catastrophe if the 13 crystal skulls are brought together. Thus, they believe that the 13 crystal skulls will save the world. A Mayan priest was quoted as saying that the time of 12 Baktun and 13 Ahau was approaching fast and it was up to the people to defend and save Mother Earth.

The origin of the skull

Though all legends regarding the crystal skulls agree that the skulls will rejuvenate the earth and bring about a new ear, there seems to be difference in the number of skulls in every legend. The Mayans believed there are 13 skulls, while a more contemporary belief is that there are 52 skulls; 4 sets consisting of 13 skulls each. A crystal skull researcher Sandra Brown has in her writings mentioned the number of skulls as 36.

Armageddon and the Crystal Skull

A lot of researchers have found similarities between the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls and the Armageddon, an event prophesied in the Holy Bible. The legend says that 13 skulls are scattered in the world and originally 13 tribes existed in Israel. Moreover, just like the skulls are scattered, the 13 tribes of Israel were scattered as well. And just like the skulls the Israeli tribes will gather together when the end of the world nears. In Armageddon, new consciousness will dawn when the tribes gather just like the skulls. The 13th skull is the leader of all the skulls whereas the 13th tribe was the leader of the tribes.

Crystal skulls found

In either 1924 or 1927, it is believed that the first crystal skull was found by the 17-year old Anna Mitchell-Hedges when she accompanied her father who was trying to find the ruins of Atlantis. Though there have been controversies regarding how genuine the skull is, the belief in the powers of the skull have not diminished. Other skulls found include the British Museum skull, Paris skull, Amethyst skull, the Mayan skull and the Smithsonian skull. It is believed that at least 13 crystal skulls have appeared over the years mysteriously.

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