Floyd Mayweather Released From Vegas Jail Turns Attention To The Ring

By DiMarkco Chandler

Just minutes after midnight Friday, August 03, 2012, and after severing sixty days of a ninety day sentence in a misdemeanor domestic battery case, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released from a Las Vegas Jail.

The 35-year-old Boxing superstar was greeted by approximately 20 family members and friends.

Wearing a Miami Heat cap with a gray hooded sweatshirt Mayweather ignored questions from the media as he got behind the wheel of a blue Bentley sedan along with 50 cent and several close friends as he drove out of the Clark County Detention Center garage.

Despite his lawyers warning to the court, which argued that jail food and water would put the boxers career at risk, Mayweather appeared surprisingly upbeat, fit, and ready to resume his boxing career.

A lot has happened in Mayweather’s world since he was jailed June 1. With no television in his solo cell, he could not watch arch rival Manny Pacquiao lose his WBO welterweight title on June 9 to Timothy Bradley.

Mayweather, was also not around to celebrate last month when Forbes magazine named him the world’s highest-paid athlete for 2011. And he missed fiancee Shantel Jackson’s private birthday bash last week at a Las Vegas steakhouse with friends.

Las Vegas Review-Journal celebrity columnist Norm Clark noted that Mayweather sent her diamonds.

Promoters for Mayweather’s main rival, Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao, are planning a fight for November 10 at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, Nevada said Athletic Commission executive Keith Kizer. Pacquiao’s opponent has not been named but Mayweather was not believed to be on the list.

Pacquiao, who earned $62million in fights and endorsements last year, ranked second on the Forbes richest athletes list behind Mayweather and his $85million in fight earnings.

To fight in Las Vegas, Mayweather will need a new license from the Nevada Athletic Commission, Kizer said yesterday.

His last license, for the May 5 bout against Miguel Cotto, was for one fight only.

If Mayweather applies, commission Chairman Raymond ‘Skip’ Avansino Jr could decide to grant approval administratively or summon Mayweather before the panel for a public hearing, Kizer said.

Mayweather received about 30 days off his 90-day jail sentence for work time and good behaviour. Nevada state law allows inmates to receive up to 10 days off per month for co-operating with jailers and working or being willing to work.

The Las Vegas police administer in the jail, and a department spokesman said Mayweather was not required to work and did not misbehave behind bars.

The plea deal allowed the boxer to avoid trial on felony charges that could have gotten Mayweather up to 34 years in prison if he was convicted.

As a high-profile inmate, police say Mayweather was kept separate for his protection from the other 3,200 inmates in the downtown Las Vegas facility.

In June, Mayweather’s attorney sought to shorten the boxers sentence arguing that his client was eating only 800 calories a day, as opposed to his typical 3,000-4,000 calories; but Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Melissa Saragosa, rejected arguments that Mayweather’s accommodations were cruel and unusual. The judge ruled June 13 that while Mayweather may not have liked the regimen, he had sufficient space and time for physical activity and the only reason he was not eating properly was because he was refusing to eat the meals he was given.

The judge earlier gave Mayweather a break – allowing him to remain free long enough to make the Cinco de Mayo fight against Cotto at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas.

Mayweather won to run his record to 43-0 with 26 knockouts. Cotto lost for just the second time in 38 fights.

All attention will now be turned to what Mayweather will do next in the ring, as he had said that the solitary confinement paired with the lack of caloric intake while he was jailed led to him losing muscle tone.

If Mayweather has indeed slipped out of boxing shape, he will need some time to get his body and mind back into boxing shape, making a possible return to the ring for Mayweather not likely until the end of 2012 or early 2013.

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