Friends and talent together, Food & Wine Tasting with Chef Q

Photos By Claudia Ponce


By Claudia Ponce

On Thursday August 23rd, the talent and good taste of Chef Q and the novel presence of Galicia’s wines imported by Wine from Galicia, gathered in a space entirely ad-oc, for the occasion. European antiques with André hosting and David Tupaz responsible for the production. A totally unique event within an intimate atmosphere where apart from the good coordination and production, and a good opportunity to wine and food tasting, the artist Chris O’ Rourke also showed 3 sculptures of his latest art production.

All the involved, owners of talents and services fully redeemable and surrounded by friendly atmosphere, were showing their latest works, and shared with all the attendees their short-term plans. For example, the grand launching of the brand Chef Q in a few months more, the catering and event production service of Chef Q and David Tupaz, as well as the line of jackets for Chef that produces the same Chef, who is today the only woman in the world that is a Chef and sommelier.

Wines from Galicia was presented exclusively in this event by way of pre-launching, with samples of 4 different types of wine imported exclusively from places like the Ribeira Sacra and Rias Baixas (Spain).

Chris O’Rourke who recently installed in the World Market Center his more recent work, the monumental sculpture

Photo By Claudia Ponce

“Windows”, shared with The Guardian Express that he will be part of the world’s largest Art Competition, in Michigan this September, The Grand Rapids ArtPrize.

All this happened in an environment filled with class and good taste within the store of Andre, European Antiques, which has only 9 months active since its recent opening.

All those involved in the event promise and threaten with more activities in their areas and the Guardian Express thanks them for their hospitality and their invitation. We look forward to keep ourselves updated with your achievements and especially we are always willing to enjoy your talents and delights. Congratulations!



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