HIV/AIDS Education: Slowing the Advancement of the Protease Enzyme is the Key

Combivir Blocks the Protease Enzyme needed by the HIV virus for Multiplication

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than 34 million people are living with HIV. A total of 2.7 million people, in 2010, were infected with this disease. More than 1.5 million adults and 250,000 children, in 2010, died of AIDS. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes the breakdown of the immune system. This results in a collection of symptoms, diseases and infections known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV causes AIDS, even though every person infected with the virus does not develop AIDS. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS. Combivir is a drug prescribed for treating HIV and AIDS in adult patients. The drug is available at Big Mountain Pharmacy and other Canada pharmacies.

Understanding HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) destroys the immune system by attacking an essential part of the immune system. These are CD-4 cells. The CD-4 cells are responsible for activating the immune response when harmful intruders such as bacteria and virus enter the body. HIV works to destroy CD-4 cells as without it, the body is unable to respond to this deadly virus and its destruction. With time, the virus destroys all the CD-4 cells in the body disabling the body completely against infection. This destruction leads to AIDS. Flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, rashes, headaches and fever are early signs of HIV. Any long term symptoms such as the above should be medically tested for HIV.

Preventing HIV/AIDS

The spread of HIV occurs in three ways. These are through sexual intercourse, blood transfusions and mother to child. The prevention of HIV depends on understanding the ways in which the virus can be spread and in understanding how it can be stopped. For example, sexual intercourse with an infected person without the protection of a condom can infect another with HIV. Not using sterile equipment, such as needles, can also increase the risk of contracting the virus. As HIV spreads through the transfusion of bodily fluids, persons affected should refrain from giving blood. A woman infected with HIV should avoid getting pregnant at all costs as she may infect her unborn child with the virus. HIV can also be prevented by educating young children on the danger of being infected with the virus. Furthermore, these children can be educated on the advantages of abstaining from sexual intercourse and the importance of protective sex.

Living with HIV

News of a positive diagnosis of HIV can be extremely stressful. The manner in which the news is handled may differ from person to person. Normal life is possible for patients with HIV. It may take careful consideration, but it can be done. Proper management of the condition – taking medication on time and avoiding infections as much as possible – may enable patients to live a normal life. Medication is a constant in the life of an HIV patient. Missing even one dose of the medication may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Therefore, a routine will have to be established so that medication can be taken without fail. Proper health can be maintained as much as possible with exercise, a proper diet and avoiding smoking.

There are several methods of treatment for HIV and AIDS. Combivir is a medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as protease inhibitors. The drug works by reducing the action of the virus by interfering with the protease enzyme the virus needs for multiplication. The drug may cause a few side effects that include dirrhea, dizziness, insomnia, joint pain, mood changes etc. Severe side effects such as easy bruising, chest pain, confusion, allergic reactions and infections require immediate medical consultation.
Life with HIV will not be easy. It will be fraught with many challenges. However, the disease can be kept at bay with Combivir. The medication can be purchased at discounted prices at Big Mountain Drugs an online Canadian pharmacy.

Article submitted by: Chani M The Buwana

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