By James Turnage

There is a petition circulating to have Secretary of State Ross Miller investigate the Koch brothers group “Americans for Prosperity” for failing to disclose who is funding efforts to influence Nevada elections.

If Mr. Obama wins a second term, it will almost be a miracle. Thanks to a horrible decision by the Supreme Court regarding “Citizens United,” limitless money can be donated by any entity to a politician’s campaign. Because Romney’s contributors, and his main concern, are the very wealthy in our society, I would not be surprised if he out spends the President two to one.

However, if unethical people such as the Koch brothers are so afraid of losing Nevada in the general election that they’ll spend fortunes, and do anything to get their candidate elected, they must know they have a weak standard bearer.

Common sense tells us we cannot have another spoiled rich boy in control of our economic future. We tried that for eight years, and look how that turned out. Not only did he ruin the country financially, he made choices that sent thousands of our finest young men and women to their deaths, thanks to one invasion of a sovereign country, and waging a war to attempt to capture one man in another. That war has not yet ended, and he failed at his one goal. His successor accomplished the killing of one of our nation’s greatest enemies, and he did it using intelligence instead of thousands of foot soldiers.

The goal of every voter in this nation should be to ensure sensible campaign finance reform. We have to stop the endless waste of hundreds of millions of dollars. Buying elections must not be accepted. Thanks to events in the last four years, caused by Clinton and Bush, I don’t have much, but I still have the right to vote, and I want it to count.

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