Lindsay Lohan Bent on Living Care Free Life; Emphasis on Free!

Lindsay Lohan figures she needs a new playground because the kids are making fun of her at the park where she lives (of course, figuratively speaking). Nevertheless, Lohan is on the verge of leaving her troubles behind her so that she can start all over again in the city that never ever will sleep knowing that she might be lurking in the shadows. According to the native New Yorker the actress is moving to Tribecca along with her assistant Gavin Doyle. Now I know California is hot, but is it that hot. Perhaps her move to New York can be understood by the saying,  “if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.” Either that or Lohan is addicted to living a care free life.

The city still has time to brace itself for Lohan’s move to the East Coast, as it probably won’t happen until after Fashion Week in September, but she’s already leaving her mark on the club circuit. The 26-year-old headed to New York days after she was questioned by police about a jewelry heist at a Hollywood Hills home where she stayed earlier this month.

On Tuesday she was spotted with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at Dorrian’s, the upper East Side bastion of prep school kids, downing vodka-and-sodas and even jumping on the mic for some karaoke.

Her song choice? “You & I” by Lady Gaga, the Lohan admirer who handpicked the troubled starlet to star in a new music video. Sources say Lohan will jet to Paris early next week for the shoot.

After belting out a few tunes, including some Billy Joel, the crew sped downtown to Electric Room and claimed the coveted center booth for some late-night debauchery. Lohan says she was there celebrating the Los Angeles district attorney’s Tuesday decision to drop charges connecting her to a burglary in the Hollywood Hills.

Lohan is young, sought after by Hollywood’s elite producers, attractive, and a decent actress with a substantial fan base and she doesn’t work for free. That means, she gets paid for making movies, and has worked in at least three films this year.

Why then does she consistently find herself in the eye of a various celebrity controversies regarding money or jewelry? Does she even know why media outlets and law enforcement agencies don’t give her the benefit of the doubt? It’s a rhetorical question. Surely the film star must be aware that karma is real and probably very much at work here.

Perhaps, we’ll never know, but what we can know is that mistrust does not emerge out of nothing.

Clearly, it’s Lohan’s track record, which repeatedly indicates that trouble seeks her out.

Lohan’s break from Los Angeles comes after the drama surrounding her stay at the Cheateau Marmont, where she allegedly skipped out of a $46,000 tab.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives had presented evidence to prosecutors Tuesday after several days of investigation identifying Lohan as well as Gavin Lawrence Doyle and Andrew Nicholas Payan as suspects in the case.

Lohan and one of the victims in the case, identified as millionaire Sam Magid, had a “longstanding relationship,” and he did not identify any of the suspects, prosecutors said.

Although one of the suspects made a “vague admission” that someone had taken something, none of the suspects was found with any property.

In addition, prosecutors noted in the filing that eyewitnesses in the case did not cooperate with authorities, and the victims did not wish to pursue a criminal prosecution of the case.

The incident is the latest in a series of brushes with the law for Lohan, who has been trying to put her much-chronicled legal troubles behind her and resume her acting career.

She was on probation for a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence. Since then she has also been convicted of shoplifting and was on probation for that offense as well.

Lohan was sent to jail several times for violating the terms of her probation. But she hewed to a strict regimen of counseling and community service at the county morgue. In March, a judge ended her probation in the DUI case and reduced the shoplifting probation to unsupervised status.

According to prosecutors, the victims were asleep in the residence about 7:45 a.m. Aug. 18, when they became aware that someone was trying to get into the master bedroom of the home. They searched for the suspects and saw a man later identified as Doyle standing outside the home.

The man fled. While trying to call 911, an unidentified woman at the home saw a newer model BMW parked in front of the home and a second man enter the vehicle, which then drove away.

When LAPD officers arrived at the home, the victims reported that keys from cars at the home as well as cash, sunglasses and a credit card holder were missing.

Day laborers working across the street identified two men and a woman who arrived at the residence in a tan BMW around the time the crime reportedly occurred and then went inside. But police were unable to find any evidence of forced entry into the cars or the home.

A security guard interviewed by police said that at 2 a.m. that morning Lohan came to the home and wanted to enter it to speak with Magid. She was told she could not come in and asked the guard if Magid was in the home with “some other girl.”

The conclusion from these accusations, innuendos, and just downright shenanigans is that Lindsay Lohan will not be prosecuted for a burglary at a home where she had been a houseguest, prosecutors determined Tuesday.

Prosecutors cited lack of evidence to prove Lohan was involved in the thefts. The items taken were described as keys, cash, sunglasses and a credit card holder. The homeowner, who is an acquaintance of Lohan, later told authorities that he did not want to pursue a case over the items.

One of the men suspected of the thefts told police that he, Lohan and another man went into the home early on Aug. 18 and some items were taken, but he refused to say who stole them.

“We do not have sufficient evidence to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt,” a prosecutor wrote in a memo rejecting charges.

“Lindsay is glad this matter has been cleared up so she can focus on her upcoming projects,” her spokesman Steve Honig said in a statement after the prosecutor’s decision.

Lohan remains on probation for a 2011 case in which she pleaded no contest to taking a $2,500 necklace without permission. After completing a strict counseling and morgue cleanup duty program implemented by a judge, Lohan was allowed to forgo frequent court updates as long as she stays out of trouble.

In recent months she has resumed acting, portraying Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie about the actress’ love affair with Richard Burton.

Several stills of the 26-year-old actress from the Lifetime biopic, “Liz & Dick,” were released Thursday. And Lohan’s resemblance to screen icon Elizabeth Taylor is uncanny – particularly one from a scene recreating the filming of “Cleopatra.”

When she’s not mired in legal trouble or stocking fodder for the gossip mags, Lindsay Lohan can still apparently embody old-style Hollywood glamor.

Or, at least fake it on the set of a movie.

“Liz & Dick” chronicles the stormy romance between Taylor and “Cleopatra” co-star Richard Burton (played by Grant Bowler) in a behind-the-scenes drama much more riveting than the actual 1963 epic.

“I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor,” Lohan said in a statment after she landed the role in April. “She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”

It’s Lohan’s first major role since 2010’s “Machete,” but the child-star-turned-ex-con has been on a comeback surge since her career was derailed by her legal troubles in recent years.

In January, she posed for Playboy magazine and was then the host of “Saturday Night Live” in March. She is now currently filming “The Canyons,” a thriller from writer Bret Easton Ellis co-starring former porn star James Deen.

As she makes plans to escape sunny California it appears that no one will be sad to see her leave.

Here is a heads up Lindsay from the city of Los Angeles; we like a hard-partying white girl just as much as the next person. But, frankly, she has given L.A. a bad name.

And this is the town of Charlie Sheen, the entire porn industry, and Bill Maher!

L.A. can handle its party people, people. What we can’t handle is those who don’t pay their bill after tearing shit up, those who allegedly steal stuff and those who complain when the velvet rope doesn’t break their way.

Her latest excuse for not paying the Chateau Marmont hotel was that the producers of  “Liz and Dick” promised to pay, but according to TMZ, Lohan was told no such thing.

(After being told she had to wait in line like everyone else at a West Hollywood club in 2010 she threatened to leave town and tweeted: “I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life, this is why I never come to LA.”).

Leaving L.A. for New York tell me one thing; Lohan loves living the care free life with an emphasis on FREE!

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