Michael Jackson’s Siblings May Have Used Katherine To Gain Upper Hand In Dispute

By DiMarkco Chandler:

The Jackson family has been involved in legal and financial disputes since Michael Jackson’s sudden death in June of 2009. His will left nothing to his siblings and last week several of them signed a letter claiming it was fake and calling on executors of the estate to resign. Given this backdrop, no one should wonder way all eyes were back on the Jackson family last week  as Superior Court Judge, Mitchell Beckloff reinstated Katherine Jackson as co-guardian of her grandchildren. It was a moment where the Jackson nucleus consisting of Michael Jackson Jr. Paris Jackson and Blanket Jackson could finally sigh in relief, knowing that their two week nightmare had finally ended. We also learned that Jermaine Jackson and his siblings may have used their mother in an attempt to leverage control of Michael Jackson’s Estate.

As the day continued to evolved, Katherine Jackson’s mysterious disappearance was clarified with the release of court papers. From them, we have discovered that grandmother Jackson was kept from communicating with outsiders while at a resort and was unaware she had been reported missing.

Katherine declared in the documents that she learned she was the subject of a search when she accidentally heard a TV report.

Before that, she said she was kept virtually incommunicado without access to a phone or her iPad. She said her stay at the Tucson resort was unplanned, and she went there after she was told her doctor had ordered her to rest.

Before that, she had been planning a cross-country RV trip to see her sons perform in concerts.

“While there was a telephone in my room, the telephone was not functioning and I could not dial out,” she said in the documents. “In addition, there was no picture on the television in my room.” Court documents also reveal her asking repeatedly to have the TV fixed.

“One morning I woke up to the sound of the television,” she said. “While there was no picture, I heard a broadcast that stated I was missing.”

Her declaration was attached to papers filed in a request to be reinstated as guardian of Michael’s children, Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and Blanket, 10. A judge granted the request and temporarily named her nephew, TJ Jackson, as co-guardian.

At a hearing Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff noted that Katherine was doing a “wonderful job” with the late singer’s kids

“It’s clear to me that the children are well cared for by Mrs. Jackson,” the judge said, according to the Los Angeles Times. It is clear to me they love her very much.”

While at the resort, Jackson said, she was unaware that her lawyer had flown to Tucson to contact her and that her grandchildren were worried about her.

“While I was away, I had no reason to question whether the people with whom I placed trust would inform me that Prince, Paris and Blanket were trying to reach me,” she said. Her statement, though carefully worded to avoid naming names, seemed to imply those she had placed her trust in were none other then, Jermaine, Janet and randy.

She said when she asked about the children, she was told they were fine.

“The day before I was brought home from Tucson, I was finally permitted to use the phone to speak with Prince, Paris, Blanket and TJ,” she said. Here again, Katherine seems to imply she was duped.

In the aftermath of what her attorney Perry Sanders called “the chaos,” Katherine Jackson asked for a meeting to find out what was going on.

As a result, she said she decided that TJ Jackson, who had been an unofficial co-guardian of the children, needed legal authority in case something happened in her.

The ruling came after Michael’s brother Jermaine said he had withdrawn his signature from a letter calling Michael’s will “fake, flawed and fraudulent” and accusing the executors of the estate of mismanagement and other misdeeds. TJ is “incredibly respectful” of the family matriarch and she is respectful of him, the judge said.

Beckloff said he will finalize the arrangement later in the month but for now will issue letters of co-guardianship allowing both Jacksons to make decisions about the children’s welfare.

TJ Jackson’s new co-guardianship status is temporary, but the judge could make it permanent when he convenes the next court hearing on Aug. 22.

The shared guardianship plan is apparently designed to remove pressure from Katherine Jackson who was previously named in her son’s will as the children’s sole guardian.

Sanders has said the arrangement will allow her to focus on the children’s upbringing and not on home or logistics issues.

The changes in guardianship come on the heels of family dissension over Michael Jackson’s will, which left nothing to his siblings when he died three years ago. An outside observer could easily conclude that Jermaine and his siblings have been struggling over the years since Michael’s death, unable to reconcile a Will that would completely exclude them from their bother’s fortune. In their denial, it appears that two weeks ago the three of them decided to draw their line in the sand, and protest the authenticity of Michael Jackson’s will. Their actions appears to have deeply divided the family, forcing members to choose sides. But now, after the dust has settled, can Jermaine and his Siblings put Humpty together again.

You have to wonder, who was calling the shots. Who’s idea was it to confront Michael’s children in the driveway of their Calabasas mansion.

It just seemed as though Jermaine and Janet never had an organized plan or strategy for success. As a result, they found themselves back tracking the entire day.

In a statement posted on twitter, Jermaine wrote, “After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael’s words about love not war… In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive branch.”

He added: “Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly-charged emotional environment. It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing.”

In another letter written by Jermaine Jackson, he states: “Whatever the tabloid and on-line misrepresentations have led people to believe, my primary concern has only ever been rooted in the welfare of our mother in the environment where she lives. No-one on the outside has a clue about the stresses and pressures she has been under long before recent events and I, like everyone in the family, adore the ground she walks on. We are also still raw from the loss of Michael three years ago. The ever-present grief has haunted me with questions about whether we stepped off him too much or whether we did enough to help when a corporate world surrounded him. So when it comes to the well-being of loved ones, and especially our mother, we are perhaps understandably and unapologetically over-protective.

As attorney Perry Sanders has since confirmed, a health check detected high blood pressure with Mother. Rest was the sole reason she went to Arizona. Prince even carried her bags down the stairs and urged her to rest-up, because we all come from the same caring place. When she was away, and with the children in the responsible care of Tito’s son TJ, there was never a malicious attempt to “block” the kids from talking with her. We simply worried that a call home would first entail, or lead to, conversations with individuals we are in dispute with and that would, therefore, increase pressure on Mother — and pressure was what a doctor said she didn’t need. This was why we went to the house in Calabasas to talk directly with the kids and merely discuss arrangements for them to meet with their grandmother. We were denied that access by security — and it was clear that mutual suspicions had allowed events to spiral out of control. I regret that events were ever allowed to reach such a stage. I regret any distress caused to Prince, Paris and Blanket. That was never, ever the intention of myself, Janet, Rebbie or Randy.

Moving forward, the most effective way to best serve Mother’s welfare, and that of Michael’s children, is to start a collective dialogue, in private. Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly-charged emotional environment. It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing. I truly hope that we can find it in our hearts to do so, because above and beyond anything else, what matters…is family.”

Better to come to your senses late as opposed to never.

TMZ notes that Janet, Rebbie, and Randy’s names still remain on the letter. So far it’s not clear whether they’ll eventually back down too or if they are going to ride this thing to the wheels fall off. Either way, hopefully they can do whatever they’re going to do privately.

Janet, Randy and Rebbie Jackson are still claiming that the executors of Michael Jackson’s will are causing harm by damaging “fundamental family relationships” and isolating matriarch Katherine Jackson “from anyone questioning the validity of Michael’s will.”

The siblings released the preceding statement on Friday.

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