Miley Cyrus Secures Relationship To Avoid Stewart/Pattinson Fallout

By DiMarkco Chandler:

During the last week, the entertainment world erupted far off the Richter scale when we all learned that “Snow White and the Huntsman’s” actress and its director intimately shared each other’s company in spite their ineligible status. Consequently, It’s reasonable to believe that some stars took the news as a wake-up-call, and began to responsibly protect their assets. While Hollywood has been known to produce more than its share of scandalous rendezvous, the Kristen Steward, Rupert Sanders egregious betrayal caught most celebs by surprise, especially Robert Pattinson. Thus, who can blame Miley Cyrus for staking every step and measure to secure that her attractive fiance isn’t sweep up in the storm.

Amid the ruckus, Miley Cyrus’ has been spending her time on the set of her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth’s movie, Paranoia. Little did she know that on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, Los Angeles Police responded to a false kidnapping in progress call at Los Angeles home. Reports say that when police arrived they not only discover no one was home.

After the dust settled, sources say that an angry LAPD officer grumbled, “It’s not just bad (the prank call) it is a crime… And if we find out who it is, we will arrest them and prosecute.”

Where was Cyrus at the time of the call? Where else but spending time with Hemsworth.

Cyrus has been under a bit more stress over the last week, with rumors circulating that Eric Roberts daughter has had her eye the Hunger Games star. In an effort to head off the gossip, Cyrus has been busy experimenting on a makeover of both her hair, skin and fashion clothing. It doesn’t matter that she’s the envy of girls across the world for her incredible body, beautiful face, not to mention her gorgeous fiancé, which indecently happens to be at the root of her present fears; Cyrus want’s perfection, and believes that if she puts an emphasis on fixing her physical flaws, that she won’t have to worry about Hemsworth acquiring a roving eye. Perhaps that is why she has been recently seen catering to a few facial pimples.

Though the actress-singer is engaged to be married to Hemsworth, she is busy making sure that she hasn’t counted her chickens before they hatch. Here again the pop star is leaving no stone unturned. Spending lots of time with around Hemsworth has driven her to want to make sure he stays attracted to her physically. These days has her styling in brand name sunglasses, loose-fitting bright trousers, Chanel T-shirt and scruffy Converse shoes.

On another occasion Cyrus was seen toting a large black leather bag with studded embellishment over her shoulder as she made her way to see beau Liam Hemsworth.

With her face and clothes in order, Cyrus recently decided to dye her hair blond! Sources tell us that Cyrus’ philosophy is, if it’s good enough for Emma Roberts, it good enough for Miley.

Contrary to rumors suggesting that Cyrus fears Roberts might try to steal Hemsworth, the pop star is making a deliberate effort to both check the actress verbally and physically with her newest makeover.

Three days ago the National Enquirer reported that Roberts has been making moves on Hemsworth, Cyrus responded by telling Hemsworth that it had to stop and issued a “Hands off my man” warning to to the Nickelodeon star. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter did not stop there; but went right into survival mode by first dying her hair and kept a constant eye on Hemsworth through her frequent visits to his set.

Liam may be sought after, however, Cyrus has made it known that he is an ineligible man!

We’d like to think Cyrus is secure in her relationship to not have to worry about her fiancé kissing costars. But with all that as gone on with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson over the last week who can blame her for having to battle some personal insecurities.

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