Mitt Romney will Announce his Presidential VP choice 9am Saturday

By DiMarkco Chandler –

Fox T.V. just broke into their regular broadcast with news that Mitt Romney will announce his Vice President running mate at 9 a.m. Saturday, August 10, 2012. It’s a sign that Republicans all over the country are drawing together.

This is particularly early. The republican party by tradition usually makes their announcement for VP with in four days of their national presidential convention.

The word is that Paul Ryan will get the nod; but at this point it is pure speculation as to who Mitt Romney will choose.

It is believed that Ryan, 42, will bring some youthful vigor to the Romney team. In addition, with several new poles showing Romney behind 7-9 points, Republicans hope his VP pick will give his campaign a 11 point bump in the polls.

Carl Cameron, interrupted the “Factor” to bring the exclusive breaking news.

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