Nationwide Bomb Threat Against Carmike Cinemas: Theater Have Been Evacuated

Movie theaters owned by Carmike Cinemas have been evacuated nationwide after an August 17, 2012 bomb threat. Carmike movie theaters across America are currently getting searched.

The bomb threat was phoned in to the Carmike Cinemas corporate office in Columbus, Georgia, claiming that multiple bombs have been planted at nine movie theaters across the US. Carmike Cinemas owns 235 movie theaters in 35 states.

The threats apparently targeted cinemas that will be showing The Expendables 2.

The Tennessean quotes a Springfield, Tennessee police corporal as saying that the bomb threat came from a “Hispanic rights group”, we’re yet to see that claim attributed to a firsthand source. Terrell Mayton, director of marketing for Carmike Cinemas, said that the threat was made by someone claiming to represent one of Carmike’s vendors.

No Bombs Found So Far in Any Carmike Cinemas Movie Theaters

So far, no bombs have actually been found at any Carmike movie theaters, but patrons are currently barred from bringing backpacks to some locations.

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