Nevada: Washoe County Sheriff’s office reports 5,000 cases of child abuse


By James Turnage:

My wife has tired of me saying that most people should not be allowed to have children or dogs. They mistreat both of them, or worse yet, abuse them.

A press conference by the Washoe County Sheriff’s office today, confirmed my hypothesis.

The Sheriff’s department reported that as many as 5000 cases of child abuse were reported in 2010, costing the taxpayers over 100 million dollars. That is an average of 90 cases per week statewide.

The demographics are chilling. The youngest Nevadans are by far the most vulnerable: one-third of all victims are under 4-years old. Almost half of abuse fatalities are under 1-year old, said Sheriff Haley.

Kevin Schiller, director of Washoe County Social Services, said, “Unsupervised children, can be at a higher risk to be involved in gang activity and have behavioral problems. Substance abuse and not going to school also are common, Schiller said, which all increase their chances to be involved in the criminal justice system”.

Local law enforcement leaders said during a Tuesday news conference that they support initiatives outlined in the Fight Crime: Invest in Kids “Breaking the Cycle” report. The five-page document was released to the public earlier in the day.

As is Sheriff Haley, I am outraged. Whether we like it or not, our future is in the hands of our children. How they are raised, educated, and valued as the hope for our future cannot be ignored. The future is not ours, it is theirs.

Sun Valley, Nevada

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