Over 5 Decades of Rights Gained by Women Republicans Poised to Confiscate


By James Turnage

I don’t understand why the right wing is waging a war against women. For over 50 years women have worked hard to be treated as equals to men. They still haven’t achieved financial equality in the workplace, but they had gained the right to decide what happened with their own bodies.

When extremist governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed into state law a bill that established a woman is pregnant two weeks before conception, (yes, you’re reading this correctly), the time a woman can decide to get an abortion was shortened. I said a long time ago that women were often treated as second class citizens, I was wrong. Now they are third in line behind a non-conceived fetus.

I have lived for 66 years and have watched the battle of the sexes. Most women are smarter than men so I figured eventually they would win. But now with backward thinking women also battling to take away rights they had struggled to achieve, they may not have a chance.

Religion is once again controlling intelligent thought. Everyone has a personal opinion about many things, abortion being one of them, and that’s where it should stay, personal. But no one should tell someone what they can do with their own body. The Republican standard bearers for the upcoming election are aligned with the thinking of radicals like Ms. Brewer. Their party’s platform is in part designed to control women, to take away rights gained over 5 decades. Of course I must be fair here. Romney was for women’s rights when he was the governor of Massachusetts, but now that he needs his party’s support to become the president, he’s changed his mind. No surprise there, he’s changed it on dozens of other issues as well.

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