Republicans Will Have to Change Their Name to “The Tea Party”?


By James Turnage

In 1967 I became 21 years old.  It was a great time.  I could legally drink alcohol, and I could vote.  I was interested in politics at a much earlier age.  Then an amazing thing happened, in 1960, my first semester of high school, a young man with a young family was elected President of the United States.  He gave young people hope in America.  He was our hero.

His election gave me reason to pay even more attention to our political system, and how it affects the way our government operates.  I enjoyed reading accounts of discussions and arguments between both parties.  Both sides offered positive, concrete opinions on the issues, giving me a great deal of thought.   Compromise was often the answer, and the voting public benefited from it.

Those men and women would not recognize today’s Republican Party.  They would be appalled at the TEA party who are Republicans in name only.  The Grand Old Party who once had great ideas have none today.  The only “ideas” they have are destructive, to tear down policies and laws fought long and hard for by both politicians and citizens in the past.  I keep hearing their standard bearer repeat, “I have a plan”, but no one, not even he knows what it is.

What is most disgusting is listening to the crowds gathered at Republican events.  They cheer loudly for every negative slogan or comment, but never demand their candidates tell them the steps they will take if elected to improve the country, not tear it apart.

I guess eventually the Republican party will have to change its name permanently to the TEA party, they control all of its non-action already.

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