Robert Pattinson Has Moved On To New Chapter, Excludes Stewart [+ Photos]

Robert Pattinson did not deserve the pain he was forced to suffer from the Kristen Stewart’s indiscretion with Rupert Sanders. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the “Twilight” star is a gentleman skilled enough to manage his career without a Hollywood publicist. The 26-year-old heart-throb has successfully moved to a new chapter in his life exclusive of former girlfriend, Stewart. According to a Hollywood Life, Pattinson is avoiding any temptation that would cause him to publicly discuss his private life. Their source also stated, “[Rob] is adamant on keeping things that are important with the situation to himself.”

According to RadarOnline, 22-year-old “Snow White and the Huntsman” star is not quite ready to give up on her desire to be with Pattinson. Specifically, Radar reports that “while she has now come to terms with the fact that their relationship is over, the 22-year-old actress is thankful that Robert didn’t air their business in public.

She is also hoping that eventually the two can work on building a friendship.

An insider said: “Just like his devout fans, Kristen tuned into Robert’s interview with Jon Stewart with drawn breath.

‘But after seeing him deflect the questions about her, Kristen’s anxiety soon disappeared and instead she was filled with regret.’

Apparently she was hoping she would get a second try at their partnership but seeing him helped her realise it was over between them.

The source continued to website RadarOnline: “While she was obviously relieved that Robert didn’t trash her, the realisation that their relationship was finally over hit her hard.”

After a charming appearance on “The Daily Show” and a red carpet walk at MOMA, the 26-year-old didn’t shrink into the corner for the “Cosmopolis” premiere afterparty at The Dream Downtown hotel in NYC’s Meatpacking district.

Following a private dinner at the hotel’s Library, the Gucci-clad actor — making his first public appearance since news of girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s affair broke — “looked happy,” one observer tells Us Weekly.

Observers that attended the outing not only noticed there was no mention of Stewart but the actor seemed to be enjoying himself, and in fact was smiling a lot.

Pattinson, enjoyed several bottles of Budweisers and chatted with the guest in his entourage.

The fun chilled evening was about “celebrating with his friends and costars,” so reported Us.

Though everyone new that there was an elephant in the room, Pattinson stood his ground, never provoking nor answering any question that had to do with Stewart and himself.

Realizing that Pattinson was not going to go anywhere near the scandal, media organization seemed to take an “if you can’t beat them join them” approach, talking about the issues that concerned the actor most.

“The Hollywood Reporter,” informed it reader that “The ‘Twilight’ actor will play T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia.

Robert Pattinson is attached to play Lawrence of Arabia in Queen of the Desert, Werner Herzog’s biopic of Gertrude Bell.

Naomi Watts is starring as Bell, described as the female Lawrence of Arabia for the impact the English woman had in the Middle East and her work in establishing what would become the modern framework for Jordan and Iraq. She was an explorer, writer, archeologist and political attache and during World War I, worked for British Intelligence.

Pattinson will play T.E. Lawrence, the archeologist-turned-British Army officer who played key roles in Middle Eastern revolutions in the same time period and became close friends with Bell. Peter O’Toole portrayed the explorer in the 1962 classic.

Herzog wrote the screenplay. Nick Raslan is producing with Cassian Elwes.

A fall shoot in Jordan and England is being eyed.

The move keeps Pattinson firmly in the world of independent film. One of the world’s most recognizable stars, the actor is this week promoting “Cosmopolis,” his drama directed by David Cronenberg. He is set to star with Guy Pearce in the post-apocalyptic indie The Rover as well as Mission: Blacklist, an indie thriller about Saddam Hussein’s capture.

Herzog has been working on his since early last year, and it sounds like he’s gearing up and getting ready, especially if he’s casting very big names like Robert Pattinson. This will definitely bump up the profile of this project quite a few notches, that’s for sure. Especially as Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis,” starring Pattinson, hits theaters this week.

So what has Pattinson accomplished during these last couple of public appearances. Clearly, he exhibits a palpable since of confidence and a general respect for others. Furthermore, Pattinson is unmistakably in control. The press was forced to engage him about the things he chose to discuss. He unwaveringly refused to discuss or answer any questions about Stewart and steered interviewers to cover issues he was comfortable discussing.

In terms of what this new chapter in Rob’s life mean for Stewart, I suppose his actions have a way of spoon feeding her the new reality that he has moved on. Though this approach is somewhat  indirect it may prove quite effective as well as responsibly respectful. Pattinson may have ingeniously found a gentle way to convey a reality that what they once had can no longer be again. This message should be clear to Stewart when she observes Pattinson’s public expressions and exchanges. It’s say to all of us, Robert Pattinson has moved on, and Miss Stewart you should move on too.


Contributor: D. Chandler-

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