Rodney King Died High off of Multiple Drugs Including Cocaine

Rodney King died from drowning, multiple drugs, including PCP and cocaine, alcohol and cardiac arrest according the coroner’s report. San Bernardino County coroner’s officials released the report Thursday morning, August 23, detailing the cause of death for King. Coroner’s officials were awaiting final toxicology results to show if there was any alcohol or narcotics in his system.

King, whose beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 was caught on camera and sparked riots after the acquittal of the four officers involved, was found dead in the swimming pool at his Rialto home June 17, authorities and his fiancee said. He was 47.

His girlfriend found him at the bottom of his swimming pool about 5:30 a.m. She was unable to pull him out of the water due to his large stature.

King was “in a state of drug and alcohol-induced delirium” and “either fell or jumped into the swimming pool,” said the autopsy report released by the San Bernardino County coroner Thursday.

No foul play is suspected and the police investigation of his death is closed, Rialto Police Capt. Randy De Anda told CNN.

The autopsy findings are consistent with the police investigation’s conclusion, De Anda said.

Police removed him from the pool and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, police said.

Kelly, who was a juror in King’s lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles in 1994, told police that King was an “avid swimmer” but that she was not, De Anda said. She said the two had just had a conversation and she went inside, but came back out after hearing a splash and saw him at the bottom of the pool.

Nearly a year after the rioting in Los Angeles, the four officers stood trial in federal court on civil rights charges. Two were found guilty and sentenced to 30 months in prison, and two were acquitted.

King also sued the city of Los Angeles and was awarded $3.8 million in damages.

Following the riots, King had multiple run-ins with the law and battled drug and alcohol addiction. In recent years, he was shot in the buttocks by an unknown gunman while riding his bicycle in Rialto.

Last year, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana while driving in Moreno Valley.

He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving, while the court hearings were documented by VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab

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