Swift warned, look out for Kennedy Men; Who will warn Kennedy’s about Swift?

Contributor- D. Chandler

The Kennedy family has a new admirer, her name is Taylor Swift and According to recent reports, she is all but confirming her rumored romance with a Kennedy by taking it to the next level — having him meet her parents.

Meeting parents this early in the courtship? Wow, she must be quite serious. Nevertheless, the 22-year-old songstress took her new boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, 18, home to Nashville this week.

A Twitter user posted a photo of the young lovebirds eating with Swifts’ parents at the popular Pancake Pantry on Thursday.

The “Love Story” singer was first linked to Kennedy when the pair was spotted canoodling on a sailboat two weeks ago near the famed family’s home in Hyannis Port, Mass.

“She is pretty head over heels,” a source told Us Weekly. “It’s really puppy love right now.”

They are taking long walks arm in arm in front of the paparazzi. They are sharing pizza in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. They are bouncing on trampolines together and petting Labradors.

Things have gotten so hot and heavy that, as happens in any youthful romance, Swift reportedly sent a home inspector to investigate the $4.9 million estate next door to the Kennedy compound, withthoughts of buying it.

The young Kennedy is the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy, who committed suicide in May.
Since the death of his mother, Swift has reportedly been a source of support for Kennedy.

“Taylor has been a real shoulder to cry on,” the source told Us Weekly.

Kennedy’s older half-sister Kick told the Daily News last week that the couple’s relationship is “very real.”
“I love her, she’s great,” Kick said, speaking highly of the country crooner.

Swift first met the Kennedy clan in January, when she attended the premiere of “Ethel,” an HBO documentary about the life of Ethel Kennedy, the mother of RFK Jr.

Ethel Kennedy has since denied claims she set Swift up with her grandson, but has given the relationship an enthusiastic thumbs-up, adding that Swift is a “great friend of the family.”

Of course, there are a few problems on paper. At eighteen, Kennedy is a full four years younger than her, coupled with Swifts long history of dating numerous, very different famous men, has caused many observers to treat this budding relationship with a less than serious tone.
I get why people would be skeptical. In fact, I highly doubt this will work long-term, but since they’re both in their college years, I say why the hell not? If ever there was a time to date a Kennedy or a famous musician, it’s before children are in the equation.
The Daily Beast reports that “Many a successful former Kennedy girlfriend has survived the demise of her relationship and managed to channel the experience into literature. Swift has a jump on this as well. Rory Kennedy, Conor’s aunt, told ABC News that the singer, who has “read a ton of books about our family,” has already begun to commit her feelings to paper: “She was inspired and wrote a song.” This should be enough to scare the Kennedy family straight. Just ask Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhal, and all the other boys who’ve been the subject of multi-platinum pop ballads. The only thing more dangerous than a young woman dating a Kennedy is a young man dating Taylor Swift.

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