“The Shining” Prequel in The Works

By Jim Donahue

Warner Bros. is apparently set to terrify viewers once again by working on a prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror movie, “The Shining.”

The original movie, released in 1980, focused on a writer named Jack Torrance who uproots his family to take an off-season caretaker job at an isolated hotel. Played by Jack Nicholson, Torrance loses his mind in the creepy surroundings, and the climax features him trying to kill his family.

It’s not known what plot the prequel will take, but there has already been speculation that it will focus on the creepy history and supernatural surroundings of The Overlook hotel.

It could also focus on Jack’s young telepathic son Danny.

On related news, King himself has just finished a book sequel to The Shining, called Dr. Sleep – which focuses on a grown up but troubled Danny.

It will be released early next year.