What’s Next for Nevada’s Ron Paul Supporters?

By Erin Lale

After the acrimonious Republican National Convention, in which the Party establishment changed the rules and then accused Ron Paul supporters of breaking the rules, some of Nevada’s Ron Paul delegates are coming home early. Between hurricane warnings in Florida postponing some Party business from Monday to Tuesday, and some Paul supporters receiving texts warning them to have hotel security check out their room safes before moving into their rooms, the RNC started on a disrupted note. The mood did not improve when the Rules Committee trotted out rules changes designed to prevent Paul’s nomination from the floor, although Ron Paul started with a mathematical sufficiency to receive a nomination which would have allowed his supporters to speak before the delegates voted. Paul supporters had wanted a speaking opportunity, since Ron Paul himself had been denied a speaking slot by the Party establishment.

Now Nevada’s Ron Paul supporters are looking forward to their next step, no longer as Paul supporters but as a liberty movement going forward with other candidates. Since Paul supporters won a majority of seats on the Election Board at this year’s Nevada State Republican Convention, the liberty movement in Nevada has a ready made focus: local and state candidates. Expect some of our local races to attract the enthusiastic young libertarian-republicans who were energized by the Ron Paul campaign.

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