Billie Joe Armstrong’s Onstage “Meltdown” Keeping True to Punk Rock

The second annual iHeartRadio concert seemed more like a soap opera than a music festival thanks to Billie Joe Armstrong’s onstage “meltdown” at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Theater on Friday night shows  he’s keeping true to punk rock.

However we wouldn’t call Armstrong’s expletive-filled banter a meltdown in the least. This is what rock stars do. But was his tantrum called for? Decide for yourself, here’s exactly went down.

On the first night of the two-day iHearRadio Music Festival that included sets by No Doubt,Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Jason Aldean, it was Green Day’s performance, or lack thereof, that made it a night to remember.

It all kicked off when he noticed that producers had run down his time to one minute.

Each artist is allotted a certain amount of time, but when Green Day’s performance was cut 20 minutes short in order to make time for Usher’s set, Armstrong was not having it. A teleprompter showed the band had one minute left during their “Basket Case” tune, which is when Armstrong became livid and stopped their song.

“I’m going to play a f–king new song. F–k this sh-t. Gimme a f–king break. One minute left. One minute f–king left. You’re going to give me one minute. I’ve been around since f–king 198f–king8,” Armstrong said.

Ironically, Billie was actually in error, as the band he founded actually started playing in 1987.

He then proceeded to curse out Justin Bieber, who wasn’t even performing at the festival.

“I’m not f–king Justin Bieber, you motherf—kers. You’ve got to be f–king joking. I got one minute. One minute left. Now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one f–king minute f–king means.”

He said the word f*** more than 20 times in the single minute he had left, before organisers turned his microphone off.

In true rock n’ roll style Armstrong began smashing his guitar and finished by saying “God f–king love you all. We’ll be back.”
Well, they didn’t come back and E! reports that Armstrong was seen backstage “laughing.”

Not everyone was happy at his behavior though, with one fan saying on YouTube: ‘I think he deserves to be mad, but why the hell was he cursing like that?

After becoming an underground success, Green Day’s major label debut Dookie in 1994 helped revive interest in the flailing genre.
It ended up selling more than 10 million copies in the US alone.

They have continued to be a successful touring and recording unit, with their last album 21st Century Breakdown being their biggest chart success to date.

It reached number one in the US, UK and Europe, and won a Grammy award for best rock album.

Today we learn that Billie Joe Armstrong has checked into rehab, just a couple of days after his onstage meltdown.

“Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse,” according to his rep.

The musician was previously hospitalized in Italy at the beginning of September for an undisclosed “illness.

The band has canceled a number of promotional appearances due to the absence of Armstrong, according to Associated Press.

Whether he had a “meltdown” or not this isn’t the first time, or the last an artist loses his cool on stage. It happens all the time. Cheers to Armstrong for staying true to punk rock since “198f–king8.”

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