Clinton Still a Star in the Democratic Party

The former president fired up the convention last night with a stylish critique of the GOP.

September 6, 2012

A slender, invigorated Bill Clinton reminded the base in his party what it means to be a Democrat in a speech delivered last night inCharlotte,NC.

There had been great anticipation about the former president’s delivery amid uneasiness in the Democratic ranks concerned with the rocky relation between Clinton and Obama.

But Clinton’s superb speech left no doubt about his support. “We are here to nominate a president, and I’ve got one in mind,” he said to the thousands in attendance. “[Obama] is a man who’s cool on the outside, but burns forAmericain the inside,”Clintondeclared to the enthusiastic cheers of the faithful in attendance.

The first baby-boomer president went on to criticize the Republican Party without directly pointing fingers. He said the GOP has been “taken over” by “right-wing factions” in allusion to the Romney-Ryan policies.

In spite of disagreements,Clintonsaid he could never “hate” Republican leaders the way some of them dislike Obama now, and he went out of his way to praise historical figures in the Grand Old Party such as Dwight E. Eisenhower and George W. Bush.

In his defense of the current administration,Clintonsaid Obama has built a solid base of just and healthy recovery, instead of focusing on a “quick-fix” to the national problems. “We left him a total mess,” he said, “[President Obama] inherited an economy in a free fall.”

The 42nd president of theUnited States said the economy is actually better off than it was four years ago. The question made famous by Ronald Reagan in 1980 while debating Jimmy Carter was resuscitated in the media lately, mostly by Republicans. A direct reference to it by President Obama has been taboo thus far lest he sounds like trying to offer justification, political experts opine.

Bill Clinton left his presidency embraced in personal scandals and health problems. Final judgment on his legacy will be left to historians, but his administration commanded eight years of solid economic growth.

Clintonlooked thin and healthy. A former fast food lover, he became a vegan after having heart problems in recent years.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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