College Football: Rankings Don’t Matter This Early in the Season

By James Turnage

When the College football season began, USC was ranked number one. Alabama was number two. After just a couple of weeks, on this Saturday, September 15, it’s obvious the ‘experts’ don’t know much. The games still have to be played.

I watched Alabama at Arkansas, and USC at Stanford.

Alabama is undoubtedly the number one college football team. Coach Nick Sabin’s team is almost perfect on offense, defense, and special teams. By the middle of the third quarter Alabama was so dominant the Arkansas crowd had their head in their hands. When the game mercifully ended, the score was 52-0.

USC was another story. They arrived in Palo Alto having lost their last three games to the Cardinals. Their confidence was high. They were the number two ranked team in the nation. Their quarterback was a Heisman candidate.

What I saw was a team that had a very weak defense, and possibly the worst offensive line I have ever seen on any level. Matt Barkley’s hopes for a chance to win the Heisman trophy may have ended after only two games.

Stanford’s Stepfan Taylor ran all over the Trojans. He carried the ball for 153 yards and two touchdowns. The final was 21-14 for their fourth straight victory over USC.

Oregon, USC’s rival in the Pack 12, will assuredly welcome their chance to run over the Trojan’s undisciplined defense. The Ducks crushed Tennessee Tech 63-14.

Lane Kiffin and his staff had obviously not prepared their team for this game. Now they have to go back to the chalkboard and look at film to see if they can fix even a part of a team that appears to be highly overrated.

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