Convention Wrap-Up – RNC vs. DNC

Our house, divided, will not stand.

By Bridgette Bryant

As I watched Michelle Obama and Deval Patrick, current Governor of Massachusetts, open up the Democratic National Convention, I had only one thought permeating through my mind that, little did I know, would stick with me for days to come.

I saw this crowd of committed, pumped up people and wondered just how far we could get in the world if we were all admit that no one has all the answers and, instead, band together and create solutions that work best for everyone. It made me imagine an America that is made up of the Democratic ideals of fairness, enthusiastic support of leaders, and protection of personal liberties; merged with Republican ideals of conservative spending habits, independent choices when it comes to the private sector, and a small government structure because the government really belongs to the people and not the other way around. In my mind, I saw an America that would be an unstoppable force. And then I realized, that’s exactly what we used to be and that’s exactly how our Constitution is written. Unfortunately, we have divided ourselves to the point of disarray.

During the convention you heard statements supporting the personal liberties granted to us by our Constitution, “choose who they want to love,” “women should be able to make our own choices about our body…” and we heard statements that directly contradicted it, “grow a backbone” (I do not believe we ever lost it), “protect our democracy” (the United States is not a democratic nation. We are a Republic). These contradictions are present in most parties. That’s why it’s important to listen to all sides with an open heart and mind if we are really going to change things.

Partisanship bickering is nothing new, of course. Our forefathers disagreed in a lot of areas. But when the fighting was through they got down to business, did what the people needed, and came to an AGREEment so they could advance our nation TOGETHER. Today, that kind of teamwork is unheard of amongst our two front-running parties. Instead we sit around blocking one another, making last minute decisions, and shutting down when we don’t get our way. That’s why we have such a political mess surrounding us. When our founding fathers could not agree, they looked at what was best for the people as a whole and, with the blessing of the people, created that. If we want to retain our place as the greatest nation in the world, we MUST do the same.

“The old economy is not coming back,” Bill Clinton said at the convention. He is so right. It’s not. We have to recognize that what was is now dead and we have to move on. The good news is, tomorrow can be even greater than yesterday. But we have to make the choice to focus on our commonalities, not our differences. Especially since we are not very different at all. By conceding that each side “has a point” in their individual areas of strength and combining our resources and energies, our nation can re-take-over the world.

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