Dexter is back: Season 7 (Trailer)


Tonight’s the night, the hit series Dexter promises to be the most talk about yet. The new season picks up after the previous one’s explosive cliffhanger, and we find out through flashbacks. Fans have been waiting for her to catch on from the very beginning of the series, and the scene more than lives up to chose high expectation.

By the end of the premiere, Deb knows that her brother is a serial killer, and in episode two she learns some of his resume. That’s not the point of the season – it’s the “now what?”

Where will this season pick up? How will the writers take this in season 7? It’s hard to say. Will Deb keep the secret; will she think it was in self-defense? Could she join him in the killings moving forward?

What do you hope happens?

While Season 7 has room for improvement, it gets the Dexter story to a place it needed to go, and watching Hall and Carpenter alone is worth the hour of your time every Sunday at 9PM ET/PT only on Showtime.

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