Did Mitt Romney make lives better for those who worked for companies he ran?

Let’s be Clear

By James Turnage

I read Republican claims that Mitt Romney will be better at fixing the economy because he was a successful business man. He was, he made millions of dollars for himself. This is a satisfying answer for the wealthy class.

What working people should ask is did he make the lives better for those who worked for the companies he ran? Did they make more money? Did he increase employment in those companies, or did he create layoffs? Did he send companies and their jobs out of the country?

We know the answers to those questions from those who were affected by Bain Capital. In his own words we were told he doesn’t care about half of us. He wants to take away our benefits, or at least reduce them, while he is applying for a job where his will increase, and we, the taxpayers will be paying for them.

Character is an important attribute everyone should possess. For a man to become the President of the United States, his character must resonate. He or she is our leader, representing our people to the rest of the people of the world. He or she must do the right thing, all the time, even if it might be against his own personal, or religious beliefs. He or she must follow the Constitution, and support legislation that has a positive effect on everyone, not just a few.

It’s a job I wouldn’t want. I’ve watched every president since Eisenhower age twice as fast as the result of being in the White House. Even Kennedy with only three years in office showed definite physical change. And this year reminds me of a famous comedian’s comment when Bush first ran in 2000. “I don’t want an ordinary man as my president. I want an extraordinary man.”

I feel that way this time, maybe more so. President Obama has shown great character, courage, compassion, intellect, and wisdom in his first four years. Is he perfect? I don’t believe so. Will he be better in his second term? I believe much better.

Since Reagan, the middle class has fared far better under a Democratic administration. He began ‘trickle down’, or ‘supply side’ (as he renamed it) economics, claiming that was the answer to economic stability. Every Republican who has held office after him believed in ‘Reganomics’. They have all been wrong, and now we have Bush’s brother, who was separated at birth, advocating the same failed policies. The very rich will invest their money, but not into job growth.

I’m not sure if I even like Mr. Obama’s slogan, “forward”, but I agree with the ideology. We cannot afford to return to the failed agenda of “W”. The housing market is coming back. Jobs are slowly coming back, even in Nevada. But neither of those will ever be as they were. It is much more difficult to obtain a home loan, as it should be. Sub-prime mortgages are in our history, unless Romney is elected. New jobs must be created that are mere ideas at present. Most of our jobs are outside of our shores. They’ll stay there under Romney. It’s criminal to give tax incentives to those who exported our jobs. We should be rewarding businesses who employ our citizens inside our country.

If Romney has ideas, I’d like to hear them. His entire rhetoric so far is to attack the President for things he has done. He continually lies. And his people cheer!