DNC vs RNC: Which Party Platform is Best for the “Average Joe”

With the two major political parties having spun their webs for the 2012 national elections, I am going to try to make some semblance of order out of these meandering, rambling documents. The RNC’S platform is up first. Here goes.

As is the nature of all political party platforms, these documents are usually not very specific and provide few if any details about any individual candidate’s policies.

The RNC’s platform has more than a few talking points, and some of them are:

 Restoring the American Dream: Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs
 We The People: A Restoration of Constitutional Government
 America’s Natural Resources: Energy, Agriculture and the Environment
 Reforming Government to Serve the People
 Renewing American Values to Build Healthy Families, Great Schools and Safe Neighborhoods
 American Exceptionalism

Each one of these categories has a dozen or more specific entries all of which are relatively broad and vague on purpose, as to lend to the party faithful’s ability to interpret the entries in a manner that best suits the issue at hand, similar to what our judicial system does, interpret laws as they apply to individual cases.

Read about it for yourself at: http://whitehouse12.com/

So let us examine the stated policies of the Romney/Ryan for President 2012 platform.

Here is where Mitt Romney stands on the critical issues:

On Taxes: Governor Romney supports a fundamental redesign of the existing U.S. tax system. Gov. Romney wants to simplify the U.S. tax system by lowering rates in order to expand the tax base, therefore helping the economy. Stabilizing the tax structure is key, which allows entrepreneurs and investors to effectively plan for the future. This means maintaining current tax rates on personal income, interest, dividends and capital gains, eliminating the death tax and taxes for those tax payers with an AGI of less than $200k on interest, capital gains and dividends. Romney also wants to lower corporate tax rates to 25%.

On Jobs: Governor Romney has an exceptional understanding of labor relations from his experience in government and business. He recognizes the value of unions, but is focused on protecting the workers they serve. This means appointing experienced NLRB individuals, amending the NLRA and reversing Obama’s organized labor orders. Mitt also supports states that pursue Right-to-Work laws and prohibits the use of funds for political purposes from worker paychecks.

On Spending: Governor Romney wants to cut government waste and spending. Plain and simple. America’s future depends on reversing the dangerous course that Obama has driven for the past several years. This means major cuts in spending, by a reform of Medicaid, wage alignments, federal workforce reductions and undertaking a major restructuring of government programs and services. Mr. Romney supports capping federal spending at 20% of GDP and wishes to pursue a Balanced Budget Amendment.

On Immigration: Governor Romney is well versed on the issue of immigration in America. While Governor, he opposed the DREAM Act. His immigration plan is to secure our borders, and invite people to come to the United States through legal channels. He believes we need to assist our employers to make sure they’re not hiring and employing illegal residents.

The first act of an immigrant should not be an illegal one. He believes there should be no special path to citizenship. Everyone who wants to come to the United States should have to follow the same channels as everyone else. Those who have come here illegally do not deserve special treatment or special citizenship passes.

Governor Romney understands immigration. He was the Governor of the home of the first European immigrants to the Nation. Everyone should be welcome to come to the United States but they need to do it correctly, as have countless generations of Americans before us.

On Health Care Reform: While Governor Romney has stated over and over that he’d repeal ObamaCare, many political pundits like to compare Massachusetts Health Care Reform (often referred to as RomneyCare) to ObamaCare; however, they couldn’t be more different.

The reform that took place in Massachusetts was NOT a Government takeover of healthcare the way ObamaCare does. Governor Romney voted for REAL REFORM, a reform that eased the burden on the taxpayers of Massachusetts as well as the drain on the Medicaid process in Massachusetts.

The reform program was passed by both the House and the Senate in Massachusetts, and something the citizens of Massachusetts wanted and supported. Governor Romney listened to his constituents. President Obama forced his healthcare plan upon Americans, the majority of which opposed it.

In June of 2011, The Boston Globe conducted a review of the Massachusetts reform and stated that it “has, after five years, worked as well as or better than expected.” The number of the uninsured in Massachusetts has dropped from 6% to 4% since the inception of Massachusetts Health Care Reform and, in turn, the burden on the taxpayers has eased as well.

On Homeland Security: Governor Romney believes that the best offense is a good defense. Our country should be able to and must defend itself, both home and overseas. Governor Romney supports the PATRIOT Act and believes it allows the Government the access it needs to vital information necessary to securing our citizens.

Governor Romney understands that there are those who live in the United States who might want to injure or kill their fellow citizens. He supports civil liberties but believes that being safe and alive is the most important civil liberty the United States Government can provide to its citizens.

Governor Romney stated in a 2012 debate that, if President, he would have signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. It would have given the President the ability to arrest and detain any United States Citizen suspected of being a terrorist or a part of al-Qaeda.

He believes that the number one job of the Government is to keep its citizens safe, and as President he will do what it takes to secure our safety and freedom.

On Foreign Policy: Governor Romney has multiple Foreign policy statements on the different problematic countries from around the world, but most telling is his foreign policy as it relates to the Jewish Community:

On Our Ally Israel: Governor Romney strongly believes that Radical Islam has only these goals: to eliminate Israel and replace all the world’s countries with Islamic states under one caliphate, forcing the conversion of all non-believers to Islam.

He believes that we must help protect Israel from those Palestinians who seek to continue the terrorization of their Israeli neighbors. Radical Palestinians must recognize that Israel has the absolute right to exist as a Nation, and any goals to the contrary will not be successful with a Romney Presidency!

Mitt Romney also supports the wall dividing the West Bank from Israel, providing security for the Israeli people. When elected President, we believe that Mitt’s first trip overseas will include Israel to show the world that America will stand with Israel for freedom and democracy in the Middle East!

These are just the major points of analysis from Mitt Romney. For a more complete view, visit: http://www.electmitt2012.org

Coming tomorrow: The DNC platform and a breakdown of both Candidates individual policies.

Article by Jim Donahue

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