Don’t Let The Bachelor Party Fool You, Timberlake and Biel Are About to Tie the Knot

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were both in attendance for the premiere of “Trouble with the Curve.” But they are not answering question detailing their wedding plans. Since their engagement, the two have been reticent when comes to specifics surrounding their upcoming nuptials. In fact, the couple seems to be misleading reporters saying that they’ve put the whole thing on the back burners. But don’t be misled, these two celebrities are pretty crafty. And don’t let the widely publicized bachelor party fool you either, because the evidence in this article will clearly reveal, Timberlake and Biel are about to tie the knot.

Reports that they’ve yet to sink their teeth into wedding planning since he proposed last December is probably a diversion from what is really going on behind the scenes.

Reporters seem quite satisfied with stories that say Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are reveling in their life as an engaged couple.

The actors looked smitten with one another as they left an after-party following the premiere of his new movie Trouble with the Curve on Wednesday night. The trickery couldn’t be more obvious.

If you consider these isolated reports by themselves, then of course perhaps it makes sense that they are just happy to be together, but if you look at the entire picture, it’s quite obvious that they are deliberately planning a very secret wedding.

Here’s how I see it:

Timberlake proposed to longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel, 30, in December 2011 while vacationing at a mountain resort in Jackson, Wyoming (not far from the mountains of Montana, where the pair are rumored to be marrying).

The couple have been dating on and off since 2007. In a June 2011 interview with Vanity Fair, Timberlake said of Biel: “She is single-handedly the most important person my life… In my 30 years, she is the most special person, ok? I just don’t want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me — for instance, her.”

Already it’s quite clear that the couple have mastered their own PR. In other words, they are discipline enough to keep a tight lid on their private life.

The couple has been completely tight-lipped about when they’ll wed. Back in July, Biel said she had done “almost nothing” to prepare for the big day. As I said this statement alone would be believable, but hear me out, let’s look at everything in its entirety.

“I’m just enjoying being engaged,” the Total Recall star explained. “I do feel like there is a lot of time and nothing needs to be rushed.”

Biel has said of the milestone, “I don’t think our marriage will change anything…, it’s just a challenge to balance privacy, family and work.”

Are you smiling yet, because here is where it gets better? We actually learn something.

Few media outlets have offered their readers the following information. That is, that Justin and Jessica are reportedly planning to wed in Italy in October and Jessica has been busy planning every detail of their big day.

Wedding planner Diana Sorenso recently planned some nuptials at 19th century boutique hotel Palazzo Margherita and claims the star-studded nuptials will be held there.

She said: ‘I’ve heard the wedding will be intimate, in the palm-tree lined outdoor garden area, just aside from the stunning black bottom pool and giant pergola.

“There will be flowers galore and it will be extremely elegant – the most stunning the palazzo has seen yet.”

Those expected to attend include Amy Adams, Ellen DeGeneres and Justin’s former NSync band mates and guests won’t have to spend any money as the generous couple are paying for everything.

An insider explained: “Justin and Jessica plan to pay for the entire trip for all their guests and help. That includes private jets, five-star hotels and rental homes, plus food fit for a palace.”

Now as a reader you have to do one more thing. Simply add to this scenario the events that have occupied Timberlake’s time since Thursday.

If you recall, the groom is on a week-long bachelor party that has taken him from Vegas to Cabo. Do the math and mark my words. These two love birds will be married in October as Timberlake and friends begin to make their move to the wedding site.

I’ve done the work now just go back over the details if you’re not convinced.

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