Final Match in the FedEx Cup

The Superbowl of Golf

By James Turnage

Today begins the final match in the FedEx Cup. Thirty of the world’s best tee off playing for a 10 million dollar prize bonus. Sunday evening will see the player with the most points raise the trophy.

You can watch all four days. Today and Friday the Tour Championship will be covered by the Golf Channel. Saturday and Sunday will move to NBC.

Today the final pairing will be the number one and two FedEx Cup ranked players, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods. McIlroy is also the number one ranked player in the world.

Those of us who follow golf have witnessed these two play head to head several times this year. They obviously like each other, sometimes appearing to compete as would an older and younger brother. Rory is 23 years old, and Tiger 36. Certainly Rory is the heir apparent to Tiger. But Woods is not done yet. He has the second most tournament wins in history with 74. The only golfer in history to have more is the legendary Sam Snead with 82. He has 14 majors to his credit behind Jack Nicklaus with 18.

But Rory must be the favorite. He has won three of the last four tournaments in which he has played, with an average score of 68. He is a five year pro with 6 tournament wins, and 2 majors. His swing is praised by every golf authority. He is both long, and accurate. With his improved putting, he has often left the pack behind on the final day.

Woods had 3 victories this year. He has had trouble playing well for all four days, at times showing his famed brilliance and athletic ability, and then becoming erratic. He has frequently failed to make putts of a range that made him unbeatable in the past.

It should be a lot of fun. All 30 have a chance as the first day begins. Rounding out the top five are Watney, Mickelson, and Snedeker. The skill of these 30 men is amazing. Golf is no longer ‘just a game’. Ever since Tiger became a professional and began dominating the sport, we have seen a group of younger golfers such as McIlroy who demonstrate incredible athleticism. Enjoy, only the Rider’s Cup is left after this weekend.

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