First Queen Latifah now Temper Sets it Off

First Queen Latifah now Temper Sets it Off

By Kelly J Newson

Born and raised in Chicago Temper knows she’s destined to be a star. Temper has a style, flow and impressive vocals that even allow her to crossover to R&B. Temper is destined to have longevity in the Hip Hop and film world’s.

With each of her solo project’s Temper has grown and progressed as an artist and individual. With this progression Temper was giving the part of Stacie in her debut “If I was your Girl.” For Temper acting seems to be natural. However, Temper is more focused on her first love music but if more acting parts come along she won’t shy away from them either.

I caught up with the busy and talented MC and we spoke on music, her latest album “Set It Off,” and what is in store for her for the remainder of 2012 and in 2013.

KJN: How would you say “Set It Off,” is different from your previous projects?
TEMPER: More mature, grown as an artist, touch of R&B side

KJN: How did the concept for “Set it Off” formulate?
TEMPER: That movie is a classic, wanted the same effect. People laughed and cried over that film.

KJN: Favorite track off the album?
TEMPER: “Conversations we never had”

KJN: You have released “Off my dick” and now preparing to release “Stolen Moments” as the next single. When can fans expect the video?
TEMPER: October 21 at “No Clothes On” (Chicago) and October 22 on YouTube.

KJN: How would you describe your style and say its different from other rappers?
TEMPER: unique, soulful , old school (what I grew up on,) range, I talk about anything

KJN: Whats your process when it comes to writing and tracking? Do you go straight to the studio or work on demos at home first?
TEMPER: track at home first unless I’m featured then straight to the studio

KJN: How hands on are you when it comes to creating your music? Do you produce as well?
TEMPER: just an artist, I wish I could produce though. I write my own stuff.

KJN: Who are your top 3 influences?
TEMPER: Tupac, Da Brat and Jay-Z

KJN: Who would you want to do a collaboration with?
TEMPER: Bruno Mars

KJN: Whats your take on female MC’s in the industry today?
TEMPER: a lot of dope MC’s, many are lyrically inclined but overlooked

KJN: What’s next for you?
TEMPER: Femcee tour end of April-May (2013) STUDCODE (in the raw) talkshow (2013) Naked Magazine (2013) and “Fuck yo Mixtape” (2014)

KJN: Where can fans find your music? Keep up to date with what your doing?
TEMPER: I have an app in the google play store (search Temper) I’m on reverbnation

“Set it Off” available now on iTunes as well as “B.W.A.” and “B.W.A. Vol. 3009”

Fans can also catch Temper in her film debut of “If I was your girl” streaming for free on youtube.

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