Hatred of Mr. Obama has Republican Party “pumped up” this year

This is not the Time for Complacency

By James Turnage:

Okay Democrats, let’s look at the polls realistically. You’re sure that the President will win reelection. I have watched the polls like everyone else, and I never believe them. Polls can change as quickly as the weather in northern Nevada.

I just had an election volunteer by the name of Mary Lou come to my door. She and many others like her have come from California to work for this election. We talked for a few minutes about the importance of getting people out to vote. When Democrats show up in large numbers at the polls, they win.

Many factions of the Republican Party are “pumped up” this year. Sadly, a lot of it is based on their hatred of Mr. Obama. They have unfortunately been influenced by the extremists on their side of the aisle. Many of them listen to talk radio, and watch FOX news, believing what they are told to believe, by individuals who are spouting venom they probably don’t believe themselves. But they’re getting rich doing it.

So if you are even thinking about ‘not bothering to vote’, rethink your decision. If have early voting, get there early. Here in Nevada we can vote as early as October 20th. I’ll be there when the polls open that morning. I hope to see you there.

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