If Romney ran a more intelligent campaign, he could win

Should Have Been Smarter

By James Turnage

The run for the 2012 presidency has been interesting. Most of the time it’s been disgusting and just plain mean. But listening to both candidates and reading hundreds of thousands of words has brought me to a conclusion. If Romney ran a more intelligent campaign, he could win.

It is easy to distort Mr. Obama’s record. The recovery from 2008’s economic plunge is moving more slowly than everyone thought it would, even the President. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act did not please either side. The Republicans are against universal medical care, except for themselves and their families. We Democrats believe it is not as strong as it should be. The insurance companies are still in control. The economic stimulus saved us from a depression, but many states handled the money badly, and fewer jobs were created than should have been.

The housing market is on the rise, and some jobs are slowly coming back, (minus the ones that exist beyond our shores, they’re not coming back). Our automobile industry is flourishing. Our foreign policy is back on track, talk first and shoot later.

A clever orator could have twisted all of this effectively. We are forever damaged in several areas. The religious right will always believe Mr. Obama is a Muslim, although they may not say it openly. Republicans have a strong base, but many of them see a candidate they cannot support.

I read that Romney either writes his own speeches, or rewrites those that are written for him. Big mistake. He is redundant about his ‘plan’ for the country, but still has given no hints as to how he would implement it. His only strategy is to attack the President on every issue, every phrase, and every action. And Romney would criticize him no matter which side of an issue he took. He would oppose him at every turn.

Instead of attending fund raisers, he should have been in the swing states pleading his case. He is obviously of the opinion that ‘he who spends the most money, wins’. He may be right, we’ll see. All people want to see and hear the candidates in their home state. Romney has twice come to my area to attend closed door meetings and fundraisers.

Romney’s mistakes and poor decisions will be the reason he loses this election. He has never acted or looked “presidential”. From the way he dressed, wearing jeans up to his armpits, to the tempo and tenor of his speech, he fails to instill confidence and trust even within members of his own party. He never should have attempted to be “one of the people”. He is a wealthy investor and businessman. He cannot change his persona simply by wearing different clothes and attempting to utter clever colloquialisms.

If I were his campaign manager, this is the advice I would have given him from day one. Before the convention, at his very first speech after he was assured the number of votes needed to clinch his party’s nomination, this is what I think he should have done. He should have dressed in his most expensive suit, wearing a 500 dollar hand painted tie and 1000 dollar Italian loafers. He should have stood in front of the podium, smiling and waving to the crowd. With an air of confidence and conviction and holding a positive tone in his speech, he should have said; “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mitt Romney, and I’m asking you to vote for me as president of the United States. This is who I am. I am a successful businessman. I was the governor of Massachusetts and was the central figure in stabilizing that states economy. I made health care available to every person in that state. When the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics was losing millions of dollars, I was asked to step in and use my business skills to save it. In the end, it was a profitable event. I am a devoted husband and father. Family is first and foremost in my life. I am a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. I believe all men should worship God in their own way. I have been given many gifts, gifts from the benefit of living in this great country. My goal as President will be to make the lives of every citizen better, to enhance each person’s quality of life whether they be blessed by riches or working hard just to get by. The last four years have been difficult for America. I have the experience and desire to restore the economy and to once again make the United States of America the most revered country in the world. My name is Mitt Romney, and I’m asking for your vote. God bless America.”

In other words, he should have built himself up instead of continually attempting to destroy Mr. Obama. We still don’t know who Romney really is. If he would have run a more positive campaign, these gaffes we have all witnessed would be less damaging. It’s okay to praise yourself when you are running for public office. It’s never okay denigrate your opponent’s character.

Personally, because I truly believe in President Obama, I’m glad he has run a campaign less intelligently than it could have been. I have witnessed presidential elections since “Ike’s” second term. I am firmly of the opinion that candidates “lose” elections the majority of the time. They are not defeated. You’re doing a good job, Mitt. Keep it up.