Learn the art of the Trapeze in North Las Vegas

Off the Wall Vegas Experience:  Learn How to Trapeze
September 21, 2012
By:  Lora Hendrickson

Nestled in the heart of North Las Vegas lies the Terry Cavaretta Trapeze Experience (TCTE) where common folk young and old are able to learn the art of the Trapeze.  Instructors at TCTE are encouraging and safety is their first priority. Classes are for groups of four individuals for approximately an hour.

We speak with The Greatest Woman Flyer, Terry Cavaretta.  She explains her life as a lady on the trapeze and what motivated her to open her studio.  Terry was the first woman ever to do a triple summersault off of the trapeze at only thirteen years old. She worked at Circus Circus in Las Vegas for 23 years.  Terry and her husband decided to open their studio as a way to share the thrilling experience with others.

A typical class will review the basics of climbing onto the swing, gripping the bar, jumping off the ledge, and dismounting properly.  Once a student feels comfortable with swinging and dismounting and instructors approve of proper form, then a student is ready to be “caught” and actually fly across from one swing to an instructor poised to catch on the other swing. Students are strapped in to harnesses that are securely fastened to their waste and there is a trampoline net underneath for landing.

Whatever your fears and limits are, Terry and her crew are willing to work with you to get you up in the air and swinging!