Mitt Romney and Republican Party Tells You What You Want To Hear

Who Owns the Republican Party?

By James Turnage:

Republican candidates including Mitt Romney will speak loudly denouncing the successes of Mr. Obama’s first term. They will tell you they will work for the middle class, creating jobs, reducing taxes, and making the government solvent as former President Clinton left it when he took office. To put it honestly, they will tell you what you want to hear.

What will they really do? The simple answer is to look back at the last elected Republican president. But why under Republican administrations do the poor and working class fare so badly? I think we have to take a look at who owns the right side of the aisle. Here’s a list of their largest campaign donors, the real Republican hierarchy:

The oil companies, who will still receive tax credits under a Republican administration, although they are making record profits at the cost of the consumer.

Wall Street and the Banking industry, which will become entirely de-regulated once again. They will increase loan fees, credit card fees, and make money investing your money in overseas companies. Once again they’ll be allowed to use your money in any way they decide for the sake of profit only.

The insurance companies who are afraid that the Affordable Care Act will become strengthened under a Democratic administration, and cut into their billions of dollars in profit.

Corporations who have taken our factories and jobs away from the United States and placed them on foreign soil; Mr. Obama just might take away their tax credits for outsourcing most of the good jobs we had, and instead give tax credits to those who employ our citizens within our borders.

Religious organizations; I know they’re not supposed to be involved in government, but they are. Just as wealthy individuals use names such as ‘Americans for Prosperity’, so do factions of the Christian religion. They want to change the Constitution that would make our country Christian only.

The NRA; Although Mr. Obama has never proposed even one single idea of gun control, under Republicans it would be guaranteed. Anyone who wants an assault rifle will have one.

The 1%; They want to insure that they have enough money to buy another 2 and ½ million dollar yacht, or another 40 million dollar mansion where they can vacation for a week once a year. They want you to pay their taxes.

So who owns the Democratic Party? It’s very simple. The working class and fair minded corporations who still believe in the United States of America, and what it was intended to be.

So, you can take Romney at his word. He doesn’t care about ½ of the country. They don’t support him, he can’t get campaign contributions from those that have no money to contribute, so why care? When he talks of creating millions of jobs, where? They’re not here anymore, so he must mean creating jobs for the citizens of foreign countries such as China, Mexico, India, Honduras, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

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